2008-2009 Academic Instructional Evaluations

2008-2009 Academic Instructional Evaluations

(Evaluations of Instructional Program Planning, Assessment & Improvement)

Academic Affairs
Division of Academic Affairs (Part 1)
Division of Academic Affairs (Part 2)

Division of Allied Health
Dental Hygiene(AAS)
Dialysis Technology (CTS)
Emergency Medical Technical & Basic(CTS)
Funeral Services Administration(AAS)
Health Information Technology(AAS)
Medical Laboratory Technology(AS)
Radiological Technology(AAS)
Respiratory Technology(AAS)
Surgical Technology(AS)

School of Nursing

Division of Business Studies
Business Management (AS)
Business Management (CTS)
Event Management (AAS)
Event Management (CTS)
Food and Beverage Management (CTS)
Hospitality Operations (CTS)

Division of Behavior Sciences/Education
Child Development (CTS)
Criminal Justice Administration (AAS)
Day Care Administration (CTS)
Human Services (AS)

Division of General Studies
General Studies (AGS)

Division of Humanities
Music (CTS)

Division of Science and Technology
Airframe/Powerplant Maintenance Technician (TD)
Biology (AS)
Chemistry (AS)
Computer Information Systems (CTS)
Computer Science (AS)
Fire Service Management (CTS)
Mathematics (AS)
Web Development (CTS)