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The faculty and staff of SUSLA uphold the highest standards of excellence in education, many with national and international reputations for their teaching, scholarship, and service, and significant stature in their disciplines and professions.

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Academic Council
Academic Committees
Academic Advising Manual
Early Alert
University Faculty Handbook 2015-2017
Course Syllabi Allied Health Division
Course Syllabi Business Studies Division
Course Syllabi Humanities Division
Course Syllabi Nursing Division
Course Syllabi Social Behavioral Science and Education Division
Course Syllabi STEM Division

End of Year Check-Out Form
Evaluation of Faculty by Students
Evaluation of Department Chair by Division Chair
Evaluation of Division Chair by Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Evaluation of Assistant Vice Chancellor
Faculty Verification Form
Faculty and Staff Leave Form
Instructional Grievance Form
Non-Instructional Grievance Form
New Program Routing Form
Request to Attend Professional Development

Faculty Schedule Template
Classroom Observation Forms