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eLearning at Southern University at Shreveport 

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The Office of eLearning (OeL) is committed to supporting the diverse educational needs of Southern University at Shreveport students by providing access to high quality instructional services delivered through rigorous, Web-based courses.  OeL ensures that campus resources dedicated to educational technology are leveraged for developing, delivering, supporting, and evaluating quality electronic instruction.  OeL provides a comprehensive approach to integrating innovations in teaching and learning that positions the University to identify and increase student success, improve student learning outcomes and expand access to education irrespective to students’ location.


The Office of eLearning aims to provide institution wide leadership in developing and delivering technology enhanced courses and programs facilitated through an exceptional web-based learning environment that offers students the intellectual tools that they need to achieve content mastery in order to advance their professional growth and pursue new challenges and knowledge.  OeL embraces the core values of Southern University at Shreveport:  quality, integrity, professionalism, empowerment, learning, evaluation, and customer service.


The Office of eLearning will continuously promote the performance goals set forth in the Mission Statement for Southern University at Shreveport by creating broader, supplemental learning opportunities to prepare students for success in an evolving society.

OeL will enable the use of integrated technologies to enhance the overall educational experience by improving flexibility and creativity, and by encouraging comprehensive and diverse personal, high quality teaching and learning.  We foster the pedagogic integration of technology into the design of teaching and learning processes and ensure unification and standardization through collaborative efforts with faculty and other instructional personnel.  OeL is where teaching, learning and technology intersect to meet the demands in higher education for the 21st century.


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