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Academic Divisions

The Office of Academic Affairs is comprised of six academic divisions and a separate school of nursing.The faculty and staff of SUSLA uphold the highest standards of excellence in education, many with national and international reputations for their teaching, scholarship, and service, and significant stature in their disciplines and professions. 

The Division of Academic Outreach Programs is a division of the Office of Sciences and Liberal Arts and is comprised of four departments: Distance Learning, Dual Enrollment, Off-Campus Satellite Program, and Weekend and Evening Programs.

As the largest and most diversified overall instructional unit at the University, the Division of Allied Health is a division of the Office of Allied Health and offers seven (7) associate degrees and five (5) certificate programs.

The Division of Behavioral Science/ Education is comprised of the Departments of Criminal Justice, Education, Human Services, and Social Sciences

The Division of Business Studies, a division of the Office of Behavioral Sciences, Education, and Business Studies, has the mission of preparing students with skills necessary to function effectively in the economic marketplace and to offer courses vital to the community. Students are prepared for immediate entry into the workforce through the Associate Degree Programs in Accounting, Business Management, and Hospitality Industry.

The Humanities Division offers the Associate of General Studies. The Associate of General Studies is a two-year program which provides opportunities for students to pursue pre-baccalaureate studies in several areas, including business, the liberal arts, education, and the behavioral and natural sciences.

The Division of Science and Technology, a division of the Office of Sciences and Liberal Arts, offers the Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Science, Associate of General Studies degree programs as well as Certificate programs in various fields.

The Nursing Program educates individuals to become registered nurses at the associate degree level. It is designed to provide the foundation for further preparation in nursing and life-long learning.

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