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Southern University at Shreveport’s commitment to offer a variety of educational experiences and provide maximum access to students is demonstrated through its faculty training and course development program.

eLearning faculty at SUSLA are empowered to conduct classes that are accessible to students anytime and anywhere where there is Internet access, with instruction that is designed based on quality standards accepted nationally.

To qualify for online teaching, faculty members are required to obtain certification through the eLearning Certification Training Program conducted by the eLearning staff at SUSLA or through an external eLearning Certification Program.  If certification is acquired externally, the faculty member must develop the eLearning course that is to be taught in the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and complete the Online Facilitator Training at SUSLA.  All courses developed for eLearning must be peer reviewed by three (3) Certified Peer Reviewers at SUSLA before they are launched.  The review is based on the Quality Matters Rubric Standards for the design of online and blended courses at the college level.  The results of the peer review for a course is submitted to the Director for the Office of eLearning and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  Using this approach for faculty training and course design within the Moodle eLearning course development platform, instructors are enabled to move their face-to-face teaching and learning experiences to a unique online teaching and learning environment.

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