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Is e-Learning for You?

Learning Anytime, Anywhere...

Is eLearning for You? Learning electronically is not for everyone!

eLearning courses are designed for highly motivated students who cannot or do not want to come to campus because of work schedules, family needs or other reasons.  An electronically delivered course frees students from the constraints of travel or relocation.  Students can control their own schedules by working with the course materials at their convenience, within the framework of the course syllabus.  The flexibility of eLearning affords many students an opportunity to enroll in courses that they may not have access to otherwise due to scheduling or physical constraints.  Successful completion depends on the individual student’s self-discipline and commitment to the course program.

Self-Assessment for eLearning Students

How hard are e-Learning courses? The classes are not easy. They are rigorous and require discipline.  eLearning courses tend to have more readings and assignments than on-campus classes to assure that students cover the same material as an equivalent on-campus class.
To assess your readiness for eLearning, click below to take the eLearning Self-Assessment.  This survey will help you determine if you are prepared with the skills needed to be a successful eLearning student.  The survey results will provide you with analysis of your skill levels.

Test yourself to see if eLearning is for you.

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