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Transfer Students

A student who has earned 12 semester credit hours at another accredited college/university will be admitted as a transfer student. (Students with less than 12 college semester credit hours are admitted as beginning freshmen students). The following steps are required:
  • Complete the admission process as explained for New Students.Transfer applicants must acknowledge attendance at each college or university, whether or not credit was earned or is desired at SUSLA. Failure to acknowledge attendance at each school in which he or she has been enrolled is subject to dismissal from the University. Determination of eligibility for admission cannot be rendered until the completed application and all official transcripts from each college and university attended have been received. (If less than 24 hours of college credit has been earned, applicant must also submit official high school transcripts complete with the date of graduation).  
  • Transfer students suspended for academic or disciplinary reasons may be admitted to the University on academic probation, provided the period of suspension has been completed. Applicants on suspension for an indefinite period of time may be considered for admission only after such intervals of time would have expired had the suspension been incurred at SUSLA.
  • Provisional admission may be granted based on incomplete or unofficial transcripts, if the other required documents are received, such as letter of good standing, ACT/SAT scores, and immunization records. Official transcripts should be received within 30 days following the beginning of the semester in which the student was admitted provisionally. Failure to comply within 30 days subjects the student to administrative withdrawal from the University or the student may not be permitted to attend the subsequent semesters.  
  • Students on probation at other Louisiana institutions will be granted probationary admission. To remove probation, the student must achieve at least a 2.0 grade point average during the first semester at Southern University at Shreveport.
  • Applicants who are non-residents of Louisiana must have an average of at least 2.0 on total college semester credit hours attempted at the previous institution.
  • Students granted provisional admissions are not eligible for financial aid.
    • Semester credit hours earned from colleges and universities accredited by the regional accrediting association are accepted by the University. The Office of Admission-Registrar will review the course description, prerequisites and transfer acceptable prior to the end of the first academic semester in which the student is enrolled.  
    • Transfer semester credit hours accepted by the Office of Admission/Registrar are subject to final review and determination of the extent to which semester credit hours will be applied toward a degree by the Division Chair of the College offering the degree/certificate.  
    • Transfer credit will be allowed for those courses in which a grade of "C" or better is achieved. No credit is accepted for a letter grade of  "D" or for "remedial or developmental courses". 
    • All applicants will be informed of the amount of credit that will be accepted in transfer semester credit hours prior to the end of their first semester of enrollment. Evaluation of transcripts for credit will not be performed prior to the receipt of a completed application, with admission fee, and official transcripts from each college and university attended and immunization record, if applicable.  
    • Allowable semester credit hours for degree programs are outlined below:

     Required Degree Credit Hours 

     Acceptable Transfer Credit Hours

      60 to 64

     up to 31

      65 to 68

     up to 36

     69 to 72

     up to 40

    • Transfer credit will be allowed for those courses in which a grade of C or better is achieved.
    • All transfer students will be informed by the Registrar‘s Office of the amount of credit that will be accepted prior to the end of their first semester of enrollment.


    • Applicants who wish to appeal a transfer credit decision must apply to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs within 30 days after notification of acceptance of transfer semester credit hours. No transfer credit will be accepted past the established 30-day provisional period.
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