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The Historically Black Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program (HBCU UP)


Strengthening Undergraduate

Stem Programs at SUSLA

Program Summary

The Historically Black Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program’s (HBCU-UP) aim is to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs at SUSLA. We propose to enhance and strengthen STEM curricula, undergraduate research, and students through the following five interrelated objectives:

1) To reform curricula in STEM disciplines and thereby increase graduation rate in STEM courses.

2) To broaden and strengthen the research program of faculty development through their involvement in research, publication and grantsmanship.

3) To enhance the quality of undergraduate research experience and strengthen partnership with academic institutions and private companies.

4) To infuse technology into teaching and research in all STEM disciplines.

5) To enhance recruitment, retention and transition of STEM students through high school-to-graduate school activities; and to support STEM students and faculty by establishing a “Center of Excellence in Science and Technology (CEST).

The proposed “Strengthening” of Undergraduate STEM Programs here at SUSLA will prepare competitive students for the STEM workforce and establish a pipeline for those students to go on to graduate and professional programs.


HBCU-UP Programs

Please select a link below to view the programs offered to undergraduate school students. About our Program:

HBCU-UP Programs

Please select a link below to view the programs offered to undergraduate school students. About our Program:

Science Technology, Engineering & Mathematics-Scholar Programs

Summer Undergraduate Research Exchange Program

Summer Science Apprentice Program


HBCU-UP Program Staff

Program Director - Dr. Barry Hester

Program Coordinator - Josephine Loston

Program Assistant - Terry Tucker

Program Mentor  - Dr. John Alak

Program Mentor - Dr. Tracy Reed

Program Mentor - Professor  Vanessa White


STEM Research Opportunities

The HBCU-UP Program, in collaboration with several Institutions, Organizations and private companies, offers diverse Research Opportunities in the area of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics Computer Science and Engineering. Some of the research programs available are provided below. For further information, please contact:

Josephine Loston (Program Coordinator)

Phone: (318) 670-9329

E-mail: jloston@susla.edu


Stem Scholarship Flyer

Sure Scholarship Flyer


STEM Academic Year Scholarship Program Application

SURE Scholar Application

Summer Science High School Application


STEM Scholar Profiles

There are many “hands-on-research opportunities” for STEM students. These research opportunities are offered from other collaborating organizations. The following students are currently involved in STEM research:

Faculty Development

HBCU-UP Program has many faculty developed components. Below are some of the activities which are intended to help the faculty enhance Technology and research capabilities.

Travel to Scientific Meetings: HBCU-UP provides for STEM faculty members and students to attend and present research at local and national conferences. This initiative’s aim is to research collaborations with research intense universities.

Technology Training Workshops:  This initiative allows Faculty to receive continual training in computer technology integrations and computer-enhanced (eLearning) enables faculty to utilize advance technology to provide an enhanced and interactive lecture environment for delivering course materials to students.

Grants Writing Workshops: This activity allows STEM Faculty to gain valuable knowledge on the process of writing and submitting an effective and competitive grant. Through this Initiative, we intend to increase the number of STEM faculty writing persuasive proposals.

Instrumentation Workshops: Faculty are provided expert knowledge and use of instrumentations such as real time Machines, atomic force microscope Immunofluorescent microscope, Differential scanning calorimeter and other state of the art technology used in research applications and teaching.

Scientific Seminar Lecture:  Research intense universities/intuitions are invited throughout the academic year to share their research knowledge with STEM faculty at SUSLA. The Faculty discuss partnerships and research collaborative efforts with guest speakers/ scientist.






The STEM Faculty of the Year Award annually recognizes and honors Achievements of a science faculty member who exemplifies the highest level of performance and excellence in the pursuit of science endeavors at SUSLA. STEM Faculty of the Year recipients are elected by science Faculty and students.

This outstanding award includes an engraved commemorative statuette a check of $1,500 to be used toward travel to a national scientific conference of recipient’s choice. The National Science Foundation HBCUP Program will honor outstanding science faculty with this award at every annual Fall Faculty Conference.      


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