Parking and Traffic
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Parking and Traffic


Please be informed that you should obtain a new Parking Permit for each vehicle you will use and park on SUSLA Campuses no later than Friday, September 07, 2012; included in this mandate is the fact that all vehicles parked at any of our locations (Main, Metro, Airport, and Incubator/Bank) requires a permit.  For you students who reside in Jaguar Courtyard, you must also have a parking permit issued by your University Police.  Therefore, pay your fees at the Cashier Office located on the first floor of Barnes Administration Building and bring the receipt to Police Headquarters located behind the Plant across from the Vance Student Union.  Additionally, all employees are required to wear visiblyPhysical  your ID, while all students should have on your person your ID at all times; in order to serve and service this community these mandates will be enforced.


All students, faculty, and staff must register motorized vehicles on campus. A vehicle
may be registered during the registration process or at the University Police Department during regular business hours, 8:00 am-5:00 pm.
  1. All vehicles parked on the SUSLA University campus must have a current parking tag.
  2. Hang tag from rearview mirror with number facing windshield.
  3. Failure to display tag will result in citation.
  4. Permit serves as permission to park; it does not guarantee a parking space.
  5. Students may park only in the designated parking areas.
  6. Parking is not allowed on the grass or in the fire lanes.
  7. SUSLA is not responsible for damage or theft to any vehicle parked on University property.
  8. Parking tickets for $30.00 are payable in the Business Office. Students who are indebted to the University will not receive grade reports or official transcripts.
  9. Parking permits replacement cost: $30.00.
  10. You can download and print the Parking Permit Form from Here
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