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General Information

The Southern University at Shreveport Police Department (SUSLA-PD) includes 10 full-time commissioned officers who are trained at state-certified police academies and meet the requirements of the Louisiana Peace Officer Standards of Training, and 2 part-time student employees, who receive special training in campus law-enforcement. We patrol the Martin Luther King Drive campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

SUSLA-PD officers are commissioned to bear arms, make arrests and exercise investigative powers by the State of Louisiana R.S. 17:1805. Many of our officers are recruited from state and local law enforcement agencies. Many have extensive experience in campus law enforcement.

The department is also responsible for enforcing traffic regulations on campus. It reports to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs.

Usually, SUSLA police officers patrol on foot in order to hear more, see more and get to know the members of the campus community. SUSLA police officers also patrol on bicycles and in clearly marked police cruisers. They are also likely to get acquainted with students in class. We encourage our officers to enroll in classes at SUSLA both for their personal enrichment and to foster their understanding of academic life.

Preventative Programs
Crime Prevention presentations are presented each semester. Topics generally involve basic safety and security tips to prevent crime against person and property, sexual assault prevention, DUI and other alcohol violations, drug abuse prevention, and fire safety issues, among others. For information or scheduling of programs, look for posters around campus or contact the Counseling Center.

Identification Cards
A student enrolled at Southern University at Shreveport must obtain an individual identification card (or have current ID card validated) during registration each semester or summer term. ID cards are used for admittance to various SUSLA functions and are recognized by cooperating community businesses for student discount privileges. SUSLA IDs are required to check out books from the library, use financial aid vouchers at the bookstore, or receive financial aid or workstudy checks. Cost for replacement or remake of an ID card is $10.00.

May we walk you to your car?
Officers and student cadets on foot patrol offer personal escort service anywhere on campus, anytime, day or night. Request escorts through the non-emergency number, 674-3349.

Repair service
Officers can help you with minor road service on campus too. Locked your keys in your car? Need jumper cables? Go to the University Police Department for assistance. (Sorry, on-campus only, and no tows or flat tire changes.)

Working with the Shreveport Police Department
SUSLA-PD and the Shreveport Police Department (SPD) work closely together to keep the campus neighborhood safe. The University's Chief of Police meets periodically with the City of Shreveport's Chief of Police and the commander of the SPD's Martin Luther King Drive District, in which the University is located. We also monitor incidents at off-campus sites affiliated with SUSLA and record offenses committed at the locations. We encourage victims to report incidents to local and campus law enforcement officials. SUSLA police report all serious on-campus crimes to SPD and give them a copy of pertinent records. SPD accepts and processes evidence in investigating serious crimes such as drug cases. They also assist with the transporting of those individuals arrested by SUSLA police, to the central booking facility in Shreveport.

Skateboards/Bicycles/Inline Skates, etc.
For the safety of users and pedestrians on campus, skateboards, bicycles, inline skates, etc. are prohibited on the sidewalks at any time. Visitors are asked to refrain from using these items in these areas.

Smoke-free Building Policy
All buildings on the Southern University at Shreveport Campus (including Metro Center and Aerospace Technology Center) are smoke-free. Smoking by employees, students and visitors is only permitted outside of the buildings.

Visitors to Academic Classes
In order to maintain an academic environment conductive to the well-being of all students, Southern University at Shreveport prohibits visitors to the academic classroom, the Library, the Technology Resource Center, and/or computer centers/Technology Enhancement Center without prior approval from the instructor, or director of the service area, or the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

This policy applies to the presence of children or pets of enrolled students. Children should not be left unattended in the parking lots, the student lounge area, the buildings' lobbies, or any of the service areas listed above. Such a policy protects the children and eliminates distractions for other students.

Weapons Policy
SUSLA does not permit the unauthorized possession of; display of; or attempt to use or threaten to use firearms, ammunition, fireworks, or any other dangerous weapons on campus or at any University-sponsored activity. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy shall face arrest. Students found in violation of the Weapons Policy will be brought before the Disciplinary Hearing Committee for sanctions up to and including suspension or expulsion.

Sales/Solicitation, Promotion, and/or Advertising on University Grounds
Sales/solicitation of a commercial nature, whether by non-students or students, is not permitted on the campus except when registered and approved through the Office of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

The University allows the posting of Official University notices in buildings and stairwells. No notices may be affixed to glass doors or windows.

Political announcements, campaign literature, signs, handbills, banners, and other promotional materials may only be posted on the designated open announcement areas. An information table will be provided at each registration where political and commercial materials may be displayed.

No commercial or non-commercial materials that are not official University notices shall be posted on wall, doors, in the foyers, on cars, on non-designated areas. Persons distributing materials must not block the doorways, passageways, nor be in the buildings, or create a public nuisance.

SUSLA-PD Authority
The authority of the campus officers, is specified by Louisiana Law (LSA-RS 17:1805).

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