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House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 69

I. Institutional/Student Profile

II. Student/Faculty Engagement

  • Percent of Lower level classes taught by full-time faculty
  • Average teaching load by discipline
  • Average credit hour taught per student
  • Number of type of general education courses required degree programs Transfer criteria
  • Process for evaluating program effectiveness
  • Explanation of student outcomes for each program
  • Satisfactory academic progress definition
  • Percent of faculty who possess the highest degree possible in their given fields

III. Academic Achievement

IV. Institutional Efficiency/Fiscal Conditions

  • Percent of budget spent on:
    • Instruction
    • Public Service
    • Academic Support**
    • Student Services
    • Institutional Services
    • Scholarships/Fellowships
    • Plant Operations/Maintenance
    • Total E&G Expenditures
    • Transfers out of agency
    • Athletics
    • Ratio of administrative staff to total staff
    • Classroom and Lab space utilization
    • General fund appropriations (including ARRA) per in-state full-time equivalent student
    • Total Expenditures per full-time equivalent student

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