Behavioral Sciences/Education
The purposes of the Behavioral Sciences and Education Division, a division of the Office of Behavioral Sciences, Education, and Business Studies, are to prepare students with basic preparation needed for advanced training at a baccalaureate institution and to facilitate direct entry into the field of work. The Division also emphasizes a commitment to the community as it relates to the historical, social, political, psychological, legal, and other human and social needs of the constituents served.

The Division is comprised of the Departments of Criminal Justice, Education, Human Services, and Social Sciences. The Programs in the Criminal Justice Department are the associate degree in Criminal Justice Administration, general studies in Public Administration, and certificate in Paralegal.

The Department of Education consists of the associate degree in Early Childhood, Certificates in Technical Studies in Child Development, and Day Care Administration, and the general studies in Elementary, Secondary, and Health and Physical Education. The Human Services Department consists of the associate degree in Heath and Human Services.

The programs in the Social Sciences Department are the general studies transfer programs in history, political science, psychology, and sociology.

Certificate Programs