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This office provides students, parents, and other constituencies with an effective and efficient service with which to conduct their financial affairs with the University.


The University Cashiering Department in the Bursar's Office has the responsibility for the receipt, deposit and safeguarding of institutional funds. The Cashiering function is centralized in the Bursar's section.

Accepting Fees

To avoid your classes from being purged PLEASE complete the registration process by accepting your fees through your Student Banner Account and print your fee sheet.

If you made a partial payment online, you will be prompted to complete a Master Promissory Note before you can print your fee sheet.

Failure to complete these instructions will result in your classes being purged and you will NOT be enrolled for the current semester.

Fee Acceptance Instructions

Refund for Dropping a Class

Students who drop a course or multiple courses but remain in at least one semester credit hour are entitled to a 100 percent refund for those classes dropped by the Census Day of the session. Students who drop classes after the Census Day are not eligible to receive a refund and retain full financial obligation for their classes.

Academic Calendar provides the Census Day for each session.

Refund for Dropping All Classes

(Complete Withdrawal from the University)
Students who drop all courses or withdraw from the University by the Census date published in theAcademic Calendar are entitled to 100% refund.Students who drop classes after the census date are not eligible to receive a refund and retain full financial obligation for their classes.

Students should not assume that they will be automatically dropped from their courses for non-payment. Students are solely responsible for ensuring that they have successfully dropped their courses in order to avoid additional fee charges to their accounts.

Students receiving Financial Aidshould check with their financial aid counselor before dropping classes as the Financial Aid Office may need to adjust their financial aid award.

Certain fees are non-refundable.

Refunds for students who drop before the census date will be processed within 3 -5 business days. Please contact the Cashier's office for any questions concerning a refund.

Deferment Plans

Under the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP), a student may elect to defer up to 40% of their educational fees. Specific due dates are given at time of registration. The DPP requires that the student pay at least 60% of current fees assessed at the time of application. Any outstanding balance must be paid in full prior to this type of arrangement.

Late fees or books cannot be paid through deferred payment plan.

To request a deferred payment please contact the Bursar's Office at tbrown@susla.edu.

Previous Balance/Delinquent Accounts

Students that do not pay the total account balance in full by the final due date will have a financial hold placed on their record.

A financial hold (FH) restricts all university services, including future registration. If your account balance remains outstanding, the financial hold also prevents graduation as well as the processing of official transcripts.

The Bursar's Office assists current and former students with resolving financial holds.

Student accounts remaining unpaid by the end of the term are deemed delinquent and will be reviewed for Collections.

Contact the Bursar's Office to:

  • Resolve your delinquent balance.
  • Set-up payment arrangements and avoid further collection action.
  • Discuss your financial difficulties and recommend repayment options

All delinquent balances must be satisfied in full before students are permitted to register for classes. Requests for transcripts and diplomas will be denied until all delinquencies are resolved.

Further collection actions may include but are not limited to:

  • Referral to an external agency
  • Credit Bureau reporting
  • Litigation
  • Collection/attorney fees added to the delinquent balance

Frequently Asked Questions

Cashier Window/Bursar's Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 
8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

8:30 am. to 11:30 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday


LC Barnes Administration Building, Room A-13
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