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Service Learning

Program Overview
Over the past ten years, many higher education institutions have developed civic-minded citizens through SL programs. SL at SUSLA is a method of connecting the classroom and the community. This program seeks to build partnerships with SUSLA students and the community through volunteer service and allows students to apply real-world experiences with classroom study.

Students may choose from various pre-approved and instructor recommended volunteer service projects. SL projects range from tutoring school-aged children to participating in city clean ups.

SL reinforces and expands student learning outside of the academic setting by placing students in community agencies such as non-profit organizations, schools and health care facilities. In addition to fostering civic engagement, students are afforded the opportunity to enhance critical thinking techniques, social interactions, business networking and many other life-long skills and abilities through meaningful, real life experiences.

SL Policy
Effective spring 2005, all students who graduate or receive a certificate from SUSLA must complete a minimum of 20 clock hours of volunteer service at an approved SL partner as a requirement of graduation. In order to satisfy this requirement, students must enroll in the SL course after completing 35 hours at SUSLA. Transfer students with 35 accepted credit hours must register for the SL course after completing their first semester at SUSLA.

For more information, contact:

Tuesday M. Williams, MS
Director of Career Services

L.C. Barnes Administration Building, Room A-42
3050 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Shreveport, LA 71107



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