General Studies
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Program: General Studies

Degree Type: Associate Degree

The Associate of General Studies Degree program is designed to meet the needs of almost every student on campus.

While certain courses are required of everyone, a broad range of areas of concentration and electives allows the student to design a degree plan that matches individual career and educational objectives. This includes students interested in the humanities, the sciences, business, or even certain technical fields. The degree will serve as a foundation for further study for those students who desire to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

The general studies curriculum allows the student a wide choice of subjects. Areas of concentration include: business, behavioral sciences, humanities and science and technology. The degree plan must be developed by the student and a faculty advisor. The plan should be filed with the Registrar‟s Office no later than the end of the subsequent semester after declaring a general studies major.

Senior liberal arts colleges generally require at least sixty (60) semester credit hours of core curricula requirements. Therefore, those students planning to transfer to such schools are advised to consult the designated Associate of General Studies program advisor(s) for additional core curricula courses.

Please see your advisor or University Catalog for more information.