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Community College Survey of Student Engagement

Welcome to the online reporting system for SUSLA's 2010 Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE). This report provides information about effective educational practices at SUSLA and it assists our institution in using that information to promote improvements in student learning and persistence. In the series of reports you will find that CCSSE has utilized a 3-year cohort (2008-2010) of participating colleges in all of its data analyses. Additional data can be reviewed or obtained from the Office of Planning, Assessment and Research, Leonard C. Barnes Administration Bldg, Second Floor, Room A-53, (318) 670-9434.

2010 Key Findings - SUSLA
2010 Respondents to Underlying Popluations - SUSLA
2010 Frequency Distributions - SUSLA
2010 CCFSSE Student and Faculty Frequency Distributions
2010 CCSSE Code Book