IT Computer Procurement Guidelines

Computer Procurement Guidelines



Minimum Configuration

Maximum Budget Amount

Standard Desktop without Monitor

Intel Core i3 or equivalent, 85% Energy Efficient PSU,
4 GB DDR3, 250GB 7200 RPM SATA, integrated video card with DVI, 1 gigabit Ethernet card, 5 yr limited warranty, Window OS, EPEAT Gold Rating


Standard Desktop with Monitor

19” WXGA Digital Flat Panel with DVI


Standard Laptop

Intel Core i5 or equivalent, 14 ” WXGA, 4 GB DDR3, 250GB 5400 RPM SATA, integrated video card,1 gigabit Ethernet card, 802.11 g/n, 5 yr limited warranty, Window OS, Carrying Case, EPEAT Gold Rating


Network Printer

40 PPM, Duplex default setting, 3 yr limited warranty, Energy Star Compliant


Network Color Printer

22 PPM, Duplex default setting, 3 yr limited warranty, Energy Star Compliant




  • Where Louisiana Price Schedules ("LaPS") exist and procurements are above $25,000, agencies shall comply with Title 34, Part I, Chapter 17.
  • PC/Laptop replacements should be based upon a five year equipment life cycle. Postsecondary institutions may replace academic or research PCs and Laptops on a three-year cycle, in accordance with Board of Regents justification.
  • OIT recommends a 10 year replacement lifecycle for Flat Panel Monitors.
  • Entities must document the age of equipment being replaced and include on the IT Request.
  • Laptops must comply with OIT Policy 1-22, Data In Transit.
  • Technical configurations that exceed the Minimum Configuration but are within the Maximum Budget Amount are considered to be compliant with this guideline.
  • OIT Approval is required if purchase price exceeds these guidelines or if the technical configuration does not meet the minimum configuration.