Legislative Branch

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association is composed of both elected and appointed officers. The Vice President of SGA who act as Senate President, 2 SGA Senators, 2 Sophomore Senators, 2 Freshman Senators, and 14 Academic Division Senators are the elected officers of the Senate and are responsible for their duties which are outlined in the Student Government Association's Constitution.

The Student Government Association Legislative Branch appointed officials shall be determined by the Vice President of SGA. The Vice President and Senate are responsible for carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Legislative Branch of Government.

Legislative Branch Leadership

Randale Scott, Senate President/Vice President

Jovanna Wilson, Senate President Pro-Tempore/SGA Senator

Legislative Staff

Senate Clerk - VACANT

Senate Parliamentarian - VACANT

Sergeant At Arms- VACANT

Senate Troubadour- VACANT


Claudia Cornelius, SGA Senator

(2) Sophomore Senator - VACANT

Clifton Boykin, Freshmen Senator

Clearance McShan, Freshmen Senator

(14) Academic Division Senators - VACANT

To contact the Senate e-mail:sga@susla.edu