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 "Honore' Center"

Have you heard about the Honore’ Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement (HCUSA) program at Southern University?
Named in honor of retired Lt. General Russell Honore' (the hero who led the military operation to rescue New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina) the Honore’ Center is launching a new pilot program designed to increase the number of bachelor degrees awarded to African American males, and to address America's critical need for more African American male educators.

We are looking for students to begin our pilot program in New Orleans beginning January 2012, even if you are currently enrolled at an area community college such as Delgado or Nunez.

DETAILS: This program will assist African American male high school graduates who are persistent and willing to work hard, but who do not meet the current admissions standards for Southern University at New Orleans. Participants will first complete our two-year Associate degree program in New Orleans, but under the auspices of our Shreveport campus (SUSLA) then continue their studies to receive a bachelor’s degree at SUNO with certification to teach at the elementary school level.
Should you meet all requirements and be selected as an Honore’ student, you will receive substantial academic and financial support including campus housing to assist you in attending Southern University as a full-time student. As an Honore’ student living on campus, you will agree to follow rigorous rules of conduct and performance while at Southern University New Orleans. You will also be required to teach in a New Orleans public school for at least two years upon completion of the degree requirements.
Membership is limited, while the benefits are great. If you are disciplined and have the qualities of a future servant-leader, this experience should change your life.
Please contact the Honore' Center office at SUNO #
504-286-5107 so that we may answer any questions you may have and guide you through the application process.

Because this program initially brings you in through Southern University at Shreveport (SUSLA) we also encourage you to start the process ASAP by sending an email to:
admissions@susla.edu with the subject line "Honore' student apply" and a message indicating that you wish to apply to become an Honore' student. Be sure to include your contact information so that the SUSLA admissions counselors can contact you with specific instructions to apply.
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