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Southern University at Shreveport Louisiana and the Great Lakes University of Kisumu understand the importance of community development not only at the local level but globally. Both universities have been committed to providing services that would provide education and training skills to promote economic and workforce development in order to reduce poverty not only in the communities they serve, but also the global community. Dr. Joseph Orban, SUSLA Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Director of Biomedical research Development and the Poultry Expert stated, “The development of the curriculum in Poultry Science at GLUK will be the first of its kind in Kenya as well as all of East Africa and places SUSLA in the limelight for engaging in training programs at the international level”.

SUSLA and Great Lakes University of Kisumu, Kenya have agreed to collaborate and provide certain resources and expertise to enhance Training and International Development by establishing an educational and training program identified as Poultry Science and Management to be offered at certificate, diploma and degree levels at GLUK in Kenya. The Vice Chancellor of GLUK, Dr. Dan Kaseje, has traveled from his native Kenya and will be visiting SUSLA Monday, June 20th to sign an agreement establishing the program at Great Lakes University of Kisumu, Kenya.

An agreement with a university in Kenya could be the starting point for Southern University-Shreveport's place in the global community.
Officials from SUSLA and Great Lakes University of Kisumu in Kenya signed an agreement Monday that would enable the African school to develop curriculum with help from the Shreveport-based campus.

The Memorandum of Understanding Agreement was signed on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 11:30 a.m.


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