Policy - Employment Guidelines and Procedures
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The sequential steps for the employment process and the starting of a person to work are as follows:

  1. The department having the vacancy must get authorization to fill the position before any announcements, interviews, etc. are made. This is done by completing and obtaining the signatures shown on the "Position Vacancy Authorization" form. (This form is shown on page 49 of the Employment Guidelines Handbook). The "Position Vacancy Authorization" form must be completed for all positions except for students and graduate assistants.

  2. Once the "Position Vacancy Authorization" form is approved by the Chancellor (if it is an existing position) and/or System President (if it is a new position) and the department receives a copy of the approved form, the department desiring to proceed further in the employment process is to notify Human Resources of that intent in writing and attach a copy of the approved "Position Vacancy Authorization" form in order to move to step four (4) below. Departments having the vacancy must prepare and submit to Human Resources a "Position Vacancy Announcement". (This form is found on page 51 of the Employment Guidelines Handbook).

  3. All University employees are to be provided an opportunity to apply for promotional opportunities on vacant positions within the university (each respective campus). Human Resources will circulate to all of the university's departments the required "Position Vacancy Announcement" form. This internal form must be completed at least sixty (60) days before the vacancy is to be filled.

  4. Should the vacancy not be filled internally, external advertisements to include but not limited to local newspaper, professional journals, Chronicle of Higher Education, local employment security office, other colleges and universities having qualifying candidates, etc. for unclassified, faculty and non-competitive Civil Service positions shall be accomplished. Again, if this is the desire of the department, a request should be submitted to Human Resources indicating where the department wishes to advertise the vacancy and where the funding will be derived with an attached copy of the advertisement. The advertisement should be typed on plain paper, as it is to appear, and should include the qualifications, information to apply (such as letter of application, resume', references, etc.) and a contact person and/or address. Competitive Civil Service positions will be in accordance with Civil Service law as set forth in the Employment Guidelines Handbook and the Civil Service law.

  5. Interviewing and selection shall be in accordance with guidelines outlined in the "Non-Discriminatory Employment Policies and Procedure" Handbook dated June 30, 1990 for unclassified, faculty and non-competitive Civil Service positions as well as procedures found on pages 62-81 of the Employment Guidelines Handbook. Competitive Civil Service positions will be governed by Civil Services rules found in the Employment Guidelines Handbook and the Civil Service law. However, each department and person conducting the interviewing and making the selection to recommend a specific individual must advise the prospective employee of the following: "While it is their intent to recommend their employment the candidate's eligibility to be employed must first be verified by Human Resources before an offer of employment can be made and the prospective candidate must submit the documents outlined on pages 53 of the Employment Guidelines Handbook in order to determine candidate's eligibility to hold legal employment.

  6. The department with vacancy completes "Proposed Employment Clearance" form as shown on page 52 and provides it to candidate to bring to Human Resources along with the documents outlined on page 53 of the Employment Guidelines Handbook.

  7. Once the department with the vacancy receives the "Proposed Employment Clearance" form back approved by Human the appropriate Personnel Action Form is to be processed through the computer.

  8. The department with the vacancy submits the Personnel Action Form to the appropriate Dean or Vice Chancellor. The Dean or Vice Chancellor enters the Personnel Action Form into the computer. However, the prospective employee must not start work until the Personnel Action Form has been approved at all levels including the System President and/or the Board of Supervisors. The only exception to this policy is the beginning of the semester when faculty are employed to cover classes that are without faculty members to teach the classes and then only with the prior approval of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the respective Chancellor and System President. But such faculty member must have employment clearance made by the Human Resources prior to starting work and the Personnel Action Form must be completed and entered into the Computer Tracking System no later than the same day the faculty (faculty for classes without an instructor) member report to work. Any other exception to this policy must have the prior written approval of the respective Chancellor and System President. 

  9. Payment to unclassified and faculty employees, other than exception stipulated in number eight above, including regular unclassified and faculty employees working overloads and extra work on grants and special projects will be that employee's next regularly scheduled payday after the Personnel Action form has cleared all required levels including the System President and/or Board of Supervisors provided such approval are made no later than ten (10) work days before the regular scheduled pay day. Otherwise, payment will be the following regular payday for that employee. Therefore, departments' attention is redirected to item number eight (8) above.

  10. All new, returning, re-employed, etc. employees whether full time or part time and whether temporary, probationary, adjunct must report to Human Resources to complete employment papers before they start work but no later than the 3rd work day.