Policy - Ethnic, Religious, or Sexual harassment
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It is Southern University's policy that neither sexual harassment nor rewards for the granting of sexual favors have any place in the workplace or the classroom.

A statement of this policy, herein contained, is to be conspicuously posted in all departments within the Southern University System (or a unit within the System).

It is the policy of Southern University that the workplace and classroom are for work and learning. It is the University's goal to provide a workplace and classroom free of tensions involving matters which do not related to Southern University's business or the learning process. In particular, an atmosphere of tension created by ethnic or religious remarks or animosity or unwelcome sexual advances does not belong in the workplace or classroom.

With ethnic, religious, or sexual considerations shall not be used as the basis for employment or grade decisions, or for other actions affecting employment status or student status.

All inquiries will be held in the utmost confidence, but the matter will be investigated and dealt with expeditiously.

Equally important, where any such verbal or physical conduct unreasonable interferes with any individual's work or class unreasonably interferes with any individual's work or class performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work or class environment, we urge that the offended individual notify Frances R. Smith, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Counsel to the President and EEO Coordinator for the Southern University System and Baton Rouge Campus; or Theola Caiton, Director of Personnel and EEO Coordinator for the New Orleans Campus; or Diane Neal, Director or Personnel and EEO Coordinator for the Shreveport Campus.