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SGA Presidential Cabinet

The SGA Presidential Cabinet was created to advise the President and to bring represent the President in certain areas of the university and community. Members of the SGA Presidential Cabinet are appointed by the President and must be confirmed by the Senate. To reach any cabinet members please e-mail

Department of Student Justice

The Department of Student Justice shall have the responsibility to:
  • To serve as the Legal Advisor to the President of the Student Government Association.
  • Shall hand down legal opinions concerning the Constitution and Statutes to any member of the Student Body who requires the same in writing.
  • It is the power, duty, and function of the Attorney General to undertake statutory revisions.
  • Conduct a systematic and continuous study of the Student Body Statues for consistency and clarity.
  • Prepare and submit to the Student Senate recommendations for revisions.
  • Shall act as a Chief Legal Advisor of the Executive Branch and represent all SGA officials in matters before the SGA Supreme Court for as long as there are no conflicts of interest with the SGA Executive Branch.
  • In the event a SGA Official to be represented has a conflict of interest with any other official with the SGA Executive Brach and does not waive such conflict, then that official shall be represented by the Public Defender or such other student attorney that he/she deems appropriate.
Department Head: Marcus Johnson, Attorney General


Department of Communications and Community Involvement

The Department of Communication and Community Involvement shall have the responsibility to:
  • To provide publicity, press releases, and communications from the Student Government Association to the Student Body.
  • To communicate students’ opinions back to the student government.
  • To submit copies of all newly enacted legislation amending the Student Government Statutes, all proposed amendments to the constitution, and minutes from every senate meeting to the student published university newspaper.
  • To provide publicity, press releases, communication, and lobby for the publication of all newly enacted senate resolutions to the editor of the student published newspaper and other media outlets as deemed necessary by the Student Senate.
  • To administrate and delegate tasks to the volunteers.
  • To act as a spokesperson/liaison between the person(s) and SGA.
  • To research and provide opportunities for students to participate in community service events that will benefit the less fortunate or those in need.
Department Head: Mario Willis, Secretary


Department of Student Studies

The Department of Student Studies shall have the responsibility to:
  • Make an annual faculty evaluation.
  • To compile a report on his/her evaluation of the faculty and publish it so the Student Boy may utilize it.
  • To serve as a student voice to assist with the university curriculum.
  • To sponsor academic competitions and award ceremonies.
  • To be responsible for accepting and acting upon all complaints of students about their academic situation including class size, course fallacies, and teacher inadequacies.
Department Head: Nicholas Johnson, Secretary


Department of Clubs, Organizations, and Athletics

  • Serve as liaison to the Council of Southern Clubs and Organizations Presidents
  • Plan and organize all activities and function for Student Government Association regarding Athletics, Clubs, and Organizations.
  • Create flyers, banners, and posters for all home games
  • Coordinate an activity schedule for all games which consist of small activities to do during time-outs, half-time, etc.
  • Coordinate all pep rallies.
  • Promote school spirit for the basketball teams.
  • Represent the Student Government Association on the Athletic Committee.
  • Attend as many event possible hosted by other Clubs and Organizations
Department Head: Nick Jett, Secretary


Department of the Events, Planning, and Activities

The Department of Events, Planning, and Activities is responsible for carrying out the proper process of events and activities of the Student Government Association. The department also, must evaluate the overall event or activity through proper documentation.

Department Head: Rocquel Smith, Secretary


Election Commission

There shall be an Electoral Commission to assist the Commission in carrying out the responsibilities of the fall, spring and special elections. It shall consist of three (3) individuals selected by the Electoral Commissioner. They must receive a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Student Senate or Student Review Committee in order to serve.

Department Head: Jon Wesley Gatlin,Commissioner

Department of the Metro

The Liaison to the Metro Center shall serve as a representative and the official voice of the SGA President.

Department Head: Vacant

Department of the Aerospace

The Liaison to the Aerospace Center shall serve as a representative and the official voice of the SGA President.

Department Head: Vacant

Additional Members

Ruth Samuels, Chief Justice of Student Supreme Court

Robert Lars, Freshman Class President

Amber White, Sophomore Class President

Kristen Davis, Miss Southern University at Shreveport

Shanese Wallace, Editor-In-Chief of Jaguar Speaks

Shannon Thomas, Student Center Board Chairperson

Matthew Hines, Director of Information Technology

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