SUSLA Community Development Corporation

The SUSLA Community Development Corporation (CDC) is here to revitalize and renew the community, while engaging and empowering the people. We invite those interested in revitalization and economic development to become a partner in our progress.

As a non-profit Community Development Corporation, SUSLA CDC strives to enhance the quality of life for faculty, staff and students of SUSLA and the residents of the Martin Luther King Community immediately surrounding the SUSLA campus through the development and management of economic and community development projects.


  • To increase economically developed properties on and surrounding the SUSLA campus and throughout the MLK community.
  • To develop new housing, business -starts and attract business and social services to locate on sites acquired by the CDC.
  • To create a community revitalization and economic development laboratory learning program for SUSLA.
  • To change the image of the MLK community from one of a deteriorating community to a vibrantly striving area.

What is the CDC?

The SUSLA Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a nonprofit organization created by Southern University at Shreveport to enhance the quality of life of its students, faculty and staff as well as the residents of the community in which the university resides. Organizationally, the CDC is housed in the Division of Community and Workforce Development, whose services and products are vitally necessary for the success of the CDC. Its primary purpose is to improve the properties currently owned or acquired by SUSLA or the CDC.

When was the CDC formed?

On July 10, 2008, at a regular meeting of the Southern University System Board of Supervisors SUSLA's request to establish a CDC was approved. The following year in April of 2009, the CDC was incorporated in the state of Louisiana as Southern University Shreveport Community Development Corporation, Inc (SUSLA CDC).

The CDC now has a dedicated executive director and broad-based representative board of directors made up of community residents, business leaders and university stakeholders who share a similar mission SUSLA and the Martin Luther King Jr. community.

The executive director, Mr. Major Brock, was hired in February of 2010 to build the capacity of the CDC and coordinate with business and industry partners, local, regional and national affiliate organizations in developing economic/community development projects. Mr. Brock brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in community and economic development initiatives.

Why was the CDC created?

SUSLA's mission is to seek excellence in community service through the development of partnerships with business and industry. The CDC was created to achieve this very mission. Existing partners of SUSLA have agreed to work with the SUSLA CDC to bring about the desired outcome of an enhanced quality of life for its target groups.

What can the CDC offer me?

The SUSLA CDC believes in building the capacity of businesses as well as individuals so that each can maximize their services to the community. The CDC believes that this enhancement can be realized through a number of efforts and services, some of which are:

    Convenient Banking
    Micro-business Lender
    Homeownership Training
    Housing Development
    Workforce Development
    Neighborhood Revitalization
    Community Networks

Who can I contact for more information?

    Major Brock
    Executive Director

    Evelyn Johnson
    Administrative Coordinator II
    (318) 670-6602