Mailroom Procedures
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Mailing Procedures As Instructed By The Post Office

The guide lines to follow when mailing letters, packages, and any other type of correspondence through the University are:

Return Address

  • Southern University at Shreveprt
  • Your department / name and/or title
  • 3050 Martin Luther King Drive
  • Shreveport, LA 71107

The procedure and guide lines to follow when mailing out flats and large envelopes are:

  • Do not fold large or thick envelopes, flats, important documents and rectangular mail pieces
  • The length is 11.5 inches up to a maximum of 15 inches
  • The height 6.125 inches up to a maximum of 12 inches
  • The thickness .25 inch and up to a maximum of .75 inch
  • Flat mail should be  rectangular in shape

Procedures and Guide lines required to process mail for flyers, business letters, small or large postcards:

  • Sponsors should be noted by clearly stating: “Sponsors of Southern University at Shreveport”
  • The minimum length is 5 inches and the maximum is 6 inches
  • The minimum height is 3.5 inches  and the maximum is 4.25 inches
  • The maximum thickness is .16 inch, place SUSLA
  • A ¾ inch space to the right side of the large post card must be left blank so the barcode can be placed in that space

Procedures to process Bulk Mail - Bulk Mail consist of 200 or more letters from a department

  • Bulk Mail must be sorted in numerical sequence in one or two categories prior to bringing to the mailroom
    • Category  1 – Louisiana Zip Codes - 71000-71499   zip codes
    • Category 2. -  Other Zip Codes are any zip code that does not fall into Category 1


  1. All envelopes should be labeled or typed (not hand written)
  2. The Postal Service requires letters to be on University letterhead to avoid being rejected
  3. We cannot process third party mail
  4. Before contacting outside printing companies to print flyers, please call the Mail room x9923
  5. Sponsors should be noted by clearly stating: “Sponsors of Southern University at Shreveport”
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