Telephone and VoIP Support
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Telephone & VoIP Support

The Telecommunications unit of the of Information Technology Center seeks to provide the University with the most efficient, technological telecommunication and mailroom service to its constituents as governed by the University and according to the Administrative Rules and Regulations of the Procurement Office of Telecommunications Management of the state of Louisiana in each of the following:

  1. Installation and maintenance of the telecommunication system
  2. Installation of telephone/fax lines
  3. Repairing telephone/fax lines
  4. Maintaining the operations of the switchboard/Receptionist, located in the Atrium area
  5. Broadcasting messages through the Audix system
  6. Coordinating and overseeing usage of long distance service
  7. Ordering telecommunication sets and equipment
  8. Installation/maintenance of cable television service for the University
  9. Coordinating and overseeing  cell phone services
  10. Monitoring updates and announcements on the Axis TV monitors
  11. Maintaining a current Campus Directory of employees for the University

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