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Sign in to Moodle

The activation of Skymail is especially important for all online students because MOODLE sends all messages from the instructor to the student’s Skymail accounts. Don’t miss important emails from your instructors! MOODLE also communicates with Skymail for password resets.
Don't forget to activate your Skymail!

Welcome to Southern University at Shreveport
E-Learning System.

SUSLA continues to expand online course offerings and fulfilling
the University “Virtual Campus Initiative” (VCI). 

Student Login Instructions

Student UserNames are your first initial, the first nine characters of your last name without special characters (\ , - ") , and the last four digits of your Banner ID located on your student schedule, your fee sheet and on the back of your Student ID card.
For example:
Your Banner ID is 900099999
Your firstname initial is J.

  • If your last name is Smith, your user ID will be jsmith9999.
  • If your last name is Smith-Alex, your ID will be jsmith9999.
  • If your last name is Washington, your ID will be jwashingto9999.
    (First 9 characters, in this example, the last name is larger than 9 characters)

Your initial password to activate your Moodle account is your 6 digit date of birth- no dashes or spaces.
For example:
Your DOB is July 31, 1990
Your password will be 073190.

Once logged in, you will be forced to replace the birthdate password with a new password. Please note: You will NOT be able to use your birthdate again. The birthdate can only be used once, to activate the account.

When returning to the Moodle sign in page, select the “Yes, help me log on?” button located under “Forgotten your username or password”. Provide only 1 option, either your Username or Skymail email address. DO NOT enter a personal email address - Moodle delivers reset info to SUSLA Skymail Accounts only!

ALL students automatically receive a SkyMail email account upon enrollment in the university. University communications are disseminated through Skymail accounts only. If you have not activated your Skymail account, you must do so in order for a Moodle reset to be accomplished.
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