Think 30



By taking 30 hours per year, you will:

  • Graduate on time
  • Start your career sooner
  • Save on tuition and fees
  • Avoid taking on additional student debt

Louisiana is experiencing economic growth at historic rates, calling for greater number of highly skilled and educated workers. Though only 28% of Louisiana adults hold an associate degree or higher, workforce projections for 2018 indicate that by 2020, 53% of jobs will require a postsecondary career credential or college degree. These economic realities called for innovative approaches to produce a more educated and well-trained citizenry. 
The vast majority of college students aren’t taking the credits needed to graduate on time, despite research showing the significant benefits of doing so – including better academic performance, higher retention rates and the increased likelihood of completion.

Know the Problem

The math is clear: in order to graduate on time, students must take at least 15 credits per semester or 30 credits per year. But even amongst full-time students, the majority are taking credit loads that automatically put them on a 3- to 4- year plan for an associate degree and a 5-year plan for a bachelor’s degree. Each extra semester comes with a cost, and the longer it takes, the more life gets in the way – decreasing the likelihood students will ever earn their degree. Further complicating the matter, federal financial aid policies require students to be enrolled in just 12 credits each semester to be eligible for assistance, creating a de facto standard that 12 credits is “full-time.” The result: students graduate late, if at all, and rack up unnecessary time and debt in the process.

Take Action

With 15 to Finish (Think 30), students are advised to enroll in 15 credits each semester (30 credits per year, including summer enrollment), putting them on track to graduate on time. Data also show that students who take 15 credits do better academically and are more likely to persist. Banded tuition – ensuring that students pay the same amount whether they take 12 or 15 credits per semester – along with additional campus perks help sweeten the deal for students, and capping degree programs at 120 credits for a 4-year degree and 60 credits for a 2-year degree ensures on-time completion is possible.