Guardians Assisting Pupils for Purpose
Guardians Assisting Pupils for Purpose (GAPP) Parent Support Group


As members of GAPP, our mission is to give support to ensure the success of the Upward Bound Program and its students and/or low-income families. We commit ourselves to uphold the policies, rules and regulations of the program.
We will also help to provide support to enable the Upward Bound students to pursue higher education through preparatory courses throughout the academic year and the summer residential program.
We will further promote and support the cultural enrichment, tutorial component, counseling and all other aspects of the program.


Our goal is to provide on-going support for the Upward Bound students through fundraisings and coordinating special events.


  • Establishment of a scholarship fund, which will be labeled "GAPP Scholarship Fund".
  • To give each year, a scholarship to at least two graduating seniors.
  • To provide assistance on field trips and other activities.

When will Officers be chosen?

The officers of GAPP will be chosen on a regular basis unless more than one person volunteers for a particular office, an election will be held. The term of office for all officers: The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, will be one year from September 1, to August 31.

What are the Duties of each officer?


Coordinate meeting, prepare agenda with the assistance of the Director(s). Schedule meetings and assist with program activities.


Assist the President during meetings; represent the President in his/her absence. With the assistance of the President, coordinate fundraiser and fun activities for the parents.


Manage the funds of the fundraisers and keep accurate records of the budget.


Record minutes and records.

All parents will be responsible to assist the students and the program in whole, toward educational enrichment.