UBN Academic Component

Program Services


  • Weekly instruction in core curriculum subjects for freshmen and sophomores
  • Tutoring in core curriculum subjects for any Upward Bound student based on need.
  • Academic advisement
  • SAT/ACT preparation
  • Selected campus visits for juniors and seniors
  • Financial aid workshops
  • Scholarship search
  • Study skills, career exploration, college preparation and workshops
  • Opportunities to attend cultural events



  • Five (5) weeks of instruction in core curriculum subjects
  • Five (5) weeks of instruction in core and elective subjects
  • Health and wellness activities
  • Educational field trips
  • College or Career Night
  • Academic and life skills workshops
  • Closing banquet and awards ceremony
  • Other special events (Paint Your Heart Out, Chess competition, electives presentations, etc.)



Southern University's Upward Bound North Bridge Program will begin in June of 2005. All seniors will be encouraged to participate in the bridge program.

Graduated seniors who have been accepted at SUSLA have an opportunity to take a college-level course for which they receive a fee waiver while participating in the summer non-residential program.

The following activities will be implemented in preparation and continuation for and in postsecondary matriculation:

  • ACT preparation classes
  • Plan and implement postsecondary visits
  • Conduct financial aid workshops;
  • Provide individual assistance with financial aid applications and admissions
  • Assistance with tuition paid for each bridge student up to six (6) credit hours
  • Bridge student will be eligible for all Upward Bound North activities and services
  • A list of bridge students will be submitted to Student Support Services for counseling and tutoring services
  • Continue to assist students during follow-up if needed and if possible through postsecondary graduation.


What is the cost?

There is no cost to the student or any financial obligation to their families. Students participating in the program will receive a monthly stipend based on compliance with the rules and regulations in regards to attendance, class participation, and conduct.


How long is The Program?

The participants meet twenty-eight (28) Saturdays during the academic year on the Southern University at Shreveport campus. During the summer component the participants will meet five (5) days a week for six (6) weeks on the Southern University at Shreveport's campus.


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