UBN Student Government Association

UBN Student Government Association

"Leaders - Rising to the Occasion"

The Upward Bound North Student Government Association (UBN SGA) is an advisory body through which eligible Upward Bound members may make recommendations to the program Director relative to interests, concerns and issues that affect the students of the Upward Bound North program.

The SGA may make recommendations on general issues discussed during peer mediation sessions. The Council may advise on specific program issues and otherwise act at the requests of the Director. The SGA shall endeavor to keep the Upward Bound students informed an in turn keep the Director and administrative staff advised of needs and interest of the students on issues and activities affecting them.

Students on academic probation cannot hold office in any club or organization, represent Upward Bound North at any official or social event, or make any program trip without the permission of administration or director.

For more information, contact:

Meshell Bradley