Employee Confidentiality Policy

This is a reminder to our employees that we need to protect the confidentiality of employee records, both in fairness to employees and to avoid legal liability.

Supervisors are reminded not to discuss FMLA requests, ADA accommodations, or employee leave records with other employees. Only those employees in the chain of command or who have a need to know such things (i.e. Human Resources, EEO/ADA Compliance Officer or Payroll) should be involved in discussions. Employees who work with confidential records are reminded that confidentiality must be maintained.

Public Records
Under Louisiana Law, applications and supporting materials become public record. SF-1s (Standard Personnel Action Forms) and gross salary are also public records.

Requests For Employment Verification
Only the Human Resource Office is authorized to complete requests for employment verification. In response to requests for verification of employment by an outside party, we will only verify the following information:

  • Whether an employee is or was employed
  • The dates of employment
  • The employee's job title
  • The employee's gross salary

Information Required By Law To Be Disclosed
We will furnish information on employees whenever it is the good faith judgment of university and/or university counsel that we are legally required to do so, including information required:

  • To comply with a lawfully issued subpoena
  • In response to a government investigation
  • To comply with federal, state, or local laws

In response to a request from a law enforcement agency for an employee's home address, phone number, & dates of attendance at work.

Medical Emergencies
We may, if we judge it appropriate, disclose employee information in response to an apparent medical emergency.

Disclosure Authorized by the Employee
Any disclosure beyond these described previously will require written consent of the employee. Employee authorized requests for information will be considered on an individual basis and will be granted or refused at our sole discretion.

Contractors Who Perform Work For Us: Any outside firm/agency that performs personnel related services (such as benefits administration) will have access to any employee information they need to facilitate their work, with the understanding that they will keep the information confidential (i.e. retirement plans, health insurance, life insurance).

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