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Name and Title Position Department Phone Email
Alak, Pauline Instructor of Nursing Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9556 palak@susla.edu
Allen, Edward Adjunct Art instructor Humanities   eallen@susla.edu
Allen, Yuvette COVID 19 Coordinator Chancellor's Office (318) 670-9337 yallen@susla.edu
Anderson, Danielle Coordinator of International Students Student Affairs (318) 670-9211 danderson@susla.edu
Anderson, DeNesia Grants and Sponsored Programs Grants Coordinator  (318) 670-9480 dnanderson@susla.edu
Anderson, Kissie Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (SUBR Connect)      
Anyanechi, Kenechukwu Asst. Professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology Science (318) 670-9241 kanyanechi@susla.edu
Ashley, Charlotte Research Associate RSPIE (318) 670-9322 cashley@susla.edu
Banks, Donnie Cafeteria Manager of Jaguar Market Place   (318) 670-9204  
Banks, Timothy Director of Aerospace Aero Space Technology (318) 670-9592 tbanks@susla.edu
Battles, Sheena Lab Coordinator Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9557 sbattles@susla.edu
Belmasrour, Rachid Ad.Instructor  Mathematics (SUNO Connect)   rbelmasrour@susla.edu
Bigham, Saundra Dual Enrollment Coordinator Dual Enrollment (318) 670-9384 sbigham@susla.edu
Blackshire, Cheryl Assistant Professor of Nursing Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9610 cblackshire@susla.edu
Brown, Bobby Maintenance Repairer 1 Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 bbrown@susla.edu
Brown, Jo Ann Dean Allied Health (318) 670-9651 jwarren@susla.edu
Brown, Patricia Director MLT Phlebotomy (318) 670-9350 pbrown@susla.edu
Bryant, Shaneisha Transfer Analyst/Admissions Officer Recruitment & Admissions (318) 670-9209 sbryant@susla.edu
Burks, Melinda  Custodian  Facilities    mburks@susla.edu
Buzbee, Angela Adjunct Instructor - Upward Bound Natchitoches TRIO/Upward Bnd Nat   abuzbee@susla.edu
Cave, Victor PT Instructor     vcave@susla.edu
Champion, Iris Professor of Computer Science Computer Science (318) 670-9425 ichampion@susla.edu
Clark, Angela Administrative Coordinator 3 Circulations Desk Library (318) 670-9395 aclark@susla.edu
Coach, Peer Student Success Coach Student Success Center (318) 670-9286 pcoach@susla.edu
Cochran, Simone Coordinator of Enrollment Management College Connect-SUNO (504) 286-5009 scochran@susla.edu
Coleman, Joseph Adjunct Instructor of Psychology (SUNO Connect) Behavioral Science    
Collins, Marci Assistant Professor Math Math & Computer Science (318) 670-9460 mcollins@susla.edu
Cook, Michael Paramedic Director Paramedic (318) 670-9567 mcook@susla.edu
Cottonham, Joyce Assistant Professor English Humanities (318) 670-9364 jcottonham@susla.edu
Coutee, Anthony Maintenance Repairer 2 Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 acoutee@susla.edu
Crump, Sharron Veteran Specialist  Veterans Upward Bound  (318) 670-9674 scrump@susla.edu
Daniel, Jimmy Associate Professor of Computer Science Computer Science (318) 670-9449 jdaniel@susla.edu
Darby, Jassery Educational Advocate      
Davenport, Joyce Adjunct Instructor      
Davis, Cotilda Custodian Supervisor 2 Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 crdavis@susla.edu
Davis, Summer Adjunct Instructor (SUBR Connect)      
Dillon, A'Jennae Adjunct Instructor (SUBR Connect)      
Dixon, Belinda Instructor of Psychology Behavior Science (318) 670-9438 bdixon@susla.edu
Dixon, Darrin Director of Center for Business & Community Develop. CWD Business Incubator (318) 670-9701 ddixon@susla.edu
Doucette, Ollie Adjunct Instructor of Psychology (SUNO Connect)     odoucette@susla.edu
Driskill, Vickie Instructor-Licensed Practical Nursing Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9531 vdriskill@susla.edu
Duncan, Sherrea Ad. Instructor of Criminal Justice-Dual Enrollmment Behavioral Science (318) 670-9354 sduncan@susla.edu
Dupree, Denise G.  Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Political Science    (318) 670-9436 gdupree@susla.edu 
Edmondson, Kimberly Adjunct Instructor      
Edwards, Mitzi Online Associate      
Elliott, Fatina Coordinator of Academy of Excellence RESPIE (318) 670-9376 felliott@susla.edu
Elliott, Robert Adjunct Instructor (SUNO)     relliott@susla.edu
Ellis, Rodney University Chancellor Chancellor (318) 670-9312 rellis@susla.edu
Ester, Rainnetta Custodian 2 Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 rester@susla.edu
Eweni, Samuel Adj. Instructor of Criminal Justice (SUNO)      
Feaster-Evans, Angelic Museum Coordinator University Museum (318) 670-9631 afeaster@susla.edu
Fergins, Dana Adjunct Instructor of History     dfergins@susla.edu
Fitzpatrick, Lonnie Mobile Equip. Operator 1 Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 lfitzgerald@susla.edu
Flanagan, Patricia Adjunct Instructor of English Humanities (318) 670-9451 pflanagan@susla.edu
Fleming, Latari Dean of Studens and Campus Life   (318) 670-9331  
Flowers, Billy  Educational Advocate Upward Bound Sabine (318) 670-9550 bflowers@susla.edu
Flowers, Ernest Coordinator/Educational Advocate  Upward Bound Natchitoches (318) 670-9663 eflowers@susla.edu
Foy, Kenneth Adjunct Instructor of Psychology (SUNO Connect)     kfoy@susla.edu
Francis, David Dir.Intramural Sports & Recreation Physical Education (318) 670-9335 dfrancis@susla.edu
Francis, Vernon Custodian 2 Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 vfrancis@susla.edu
Fuller, Derolyk Recuiter   Veterans Upward Bound (318) 670-9488 dfuller@susla.edu
Gant, Carl Adjunct instructor      
Gardner, Earnest Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (SUBR Connect)     egardner@susla.edu
Garnett, Dorothy Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (SUBR Connect)     dgarnett@susla.edu
Gates, Jeffery Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (SUBR Connect)     jgates@susla.edu
Gautreaux, Alan Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (SUNO Connect)     agautreaux@susla.edu
George, Phillippa Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid (318) 670-9321 pgeorge@susla.edu
Gilliam, Rebecca Director of Student Activities Student Affairs (318) 670-9353 rgilliam@susla.edu
Gines, Tatanessa Custodian 2 Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 tgines@susla.edu
Glover, Shanitha Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Surgical Technology Academic Affairs and CWD    
Glenn, Joyce  Library Specialist 1   (318) 670-9579 jglenn@susla.edu
Golett, Sharon Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science Computer Science (318) 670-9407 sgolett@susla.edu
Graham, Stephanie Director of Grants & Sponsored Program Grants RSPIE (318) 670-9476 sgraham@susla.edu
Grayson, Tracey Special Assistant to VC of Student Affairs & Enrollment and CFO  Student Affairs (318) 670-9302 tgrayson@susla.edu
Green, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Speech Humanities (318) 670-9324 jgreen@susla.edu
Green, Marcus  Police Officer  University Police    mgreen@susla.edu
Green, Sharon Associate Professor of Radiology Radiology (318) 670-9560 sfgreen@susla.edu
Harris, Glen Student Success Coach Cen. for Student Success (318) 670-9285 gharris@susla.edu
Hart, Anjelica  Instructor of Psychology   (318) 670-9363 ahart@susla.edu 
Hayden, Tamika General Accountant/Payroll Coordinator      
Henderson, Brenda Resource Specialist   (318) 676-7851 bhenderson@susla.edu
Henderson, Tawonna Library Specialist 2 Library (318) 670-9391 thenderson@susla.edu
Henderson, Zenobia Assoc. Director/Educational Advocate Upward Bound North  (318) 670-9661 zhenderson@susla.edu
Herron-Williams, Sharron     (318) 670-9731 shwilliams@susla.edu
Hester, Sonya Assoc. Prof. of English                   Humanities (318) 670-9366 shester@susla.edu
Hines, Matthew Head Women’s Basketball Coach  Student Affairs (318) 670-9331 mhines@susla.edu
Hollis, Barbara Asst. Prof. of Biology Science & Technology (318) 670-9251 bhollis@susla.edu
Holmon, Aylwin Asst. Professor of  Business Studies Business Studies (318) 670-9256 aholmon@susla.edu
Holt, Jonathan  Clinical Coordinator for Respiratory Therapy Allied Health  (318) 670-9624 jholt@susla.edu
Holt, Urina Director of Veterans Upward Bound     uholt@susla.edu
Horikawa, Angela Educational Advisor Upward Bound North (318) 670-9676 ahorikawa@susla.edu
Houston, Jerisica  Intake Specialist  Student Affairs & Enrollment Management    jhouston@susla.edu
Houston,Sherman Instructor/Coordinator of History      
Hughes, Wilmer Custodian  Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 whughes@susla.edu
Hunt, Florese Assistant Professor Health & Physical Education Physical Education (318) 670-9387 fhunt@susla.edu
Hunter, Nelwrynn Educational Advocate Upward Bound-DeSoto (318) 670-9554 nhunter@susla.edu
Iliev, Ilko Assis. Professor of Chemistry Science &Technology (318) 670-9356 iiliev@susla.edu
Ivey, Jeffrey Police Lieutenant A University Police (318) 670-9375 jivey@susla.edu
Jackson, Albert Band Director   Chancellor (318) 670-9381 aljackson@susla.edu
Jackson, Chryl Tutorial Coordinator Student Affairs and Enrollment Management    
Jackson, Frederick Instructor of Criminal Justice Criminal Justice (318) 670-9249 fjackson@susla.edu
Jackson, Mary Adjunct Crimincal Instructor  Criminal Justice (318) 670-9354 mjackson@susla.edu
Jackson, Pamela Training Coordinator Training Coordinator      
Jackson, Rufus Institutional Infrastructure Coordinator  Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9372 rgjackson@susla.edu
Jacobs, Barbara Student Success Specialist and Data Analyst      
Jacobs, Letitia Records and Registration Coordinator/ VA Benefits      
Jacobsen, Brandy CFO of Finance  Finance  Administration (318) 670-9371 bjacobsen@susla.edu
Jarrett, Brenda Instructor of Nursing Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9530 bjarrett@susla.edu
Jass, Jaswant Programmer Analyst/DBA Information Technology Center (318) 670-9916 jjass@susla.edu
Jenkins, Cynthia Program Coordinator  Allied Health (318) 670-9690 cjenkins@susla.edu
Jenkins, Leonard Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mathematics (318) 670-9448 ljenkins@susla.edu
Johnson, Craig Director of Educational Opportunities Center      
Johnson, Cheryle Wheeler Director & Educational Advocate Upward Bound Sabine (318) 670-9601 cjohnson@usla.edu
Johnson, Jennifer Social Media and Communications Strategist Marketing    
Johnson, Tanqanika Adj. Biology Instructor Science & Technology    
Johnson, Terri Interim Clinical Coordinator of Dental Hygiene Dental Hygeine (318) 670-9563 tmjohnson@susla.edu
Jones, Neva Foster Grandparent Program Director      
Jospeh, Nashawna Adjunct Biology Instructor Science (318) 670-9417 njoseph@susla.edu
Kaylor, Timothy  Aviation Maintenance Instructor  Aero Space Technology (318) 670-9594 tkaylor@susla.edu
Keys, Didaciane Director of Surgical Technology/Dialysis/Sterile Processing Allied Health (318) 670-9638 dkeys@susla.edu
King, Annquinette Web Designer   (318) 670-9925 aking@susla.edu
Kirkpatrick, Nicole Administrative Assistant 3 Center for Student Success (318) 670-9282 nkirkpatrick@susla.edu
Lacey, Brandon Online/Distance Education Technology Support Specialist/E-learning Academic Affairs & CWD    
Latin, Cynthia Administrative Assistant 2 Dental Hygeine (318) 670-9561 clatin@susla.edu
Lattier, Bobbie Coordinator/Educational Advocate Upward Bound South (318) 670-9611 bdennis@susla.edu
Lacour, Joseph Director of Facilties and Risk Management      
Lawrence, Benita Clinical Didactic Instructor  Radiology (318) 670-9648 blawrence@susla.edu
Leffall, Lateef Instructor of English (Developmental Courses) Academic Affairs and CWD    
Lester, Calvin Director of Multicultural and International Student Affairs   (318) 670-9211  
Levingston, Shannon Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of CWD Community Workforce  Development (318) 670-9470 slevingston@susla.edu
Lewis, Earnestine Accounting Specialist 2 Finance & Administration (318) 670-9317 elewis@susla.edu
Lewis, Tommy Maintenance Repairer Master Mathematics & Facilities (318) 670-9377 tlewis@susla.edu
Livingston, Antionette One Stop Coordinator - Career Services Student Affairs (318) 670-9702 alivingston@susla.edu
Madden-Newlen, Kimberly Director of Health Information  Management Allied Health (318) 670-9644 kmadden@susla.edu
Marshall, Crystal Veteran Upward Bound Specialist      
McCray, Lonnie Dean Humanities & Behavioral Science Humanities & Behavioral Science (318) 670-9363 lmccray@susla.edu
McCray, Maidie Foster Grandparent Coordinator      
McEachin, Monica  Dual Enrollment Coordinator Dual Enrollment (318) 670-9348 mmceachin@susla.edu
McEachin, Veronica Director of E-Learning Academic Afairs (318) 670-9418 vmcceachin@susla.edu
Miller, Carolyn Deputy CIO Enterprise Sys./Inter. Director of ITC Information Technology Center (318) 670-9903 cmiller@susla.edu
Mitchell, Denise Director of Property Management Shipping & Receiving (318) 670-9379 dmitchell@susla.edu
Moon, Breunka Instructor of Computer Science Computer Science (318) 670-9453 brmoon@susla.edu
Moore, Tammy  Internal Auditor   (318) 670-9209 tmoore@susla.edu
Morris, Annie Educational Specialist Talent Search /TRIO  (318) 670-9656 asmorris@susla.edu
Morris, Dameius Educational Advisor   (318) 670-9352 dmorris@susla.edu
Moses, Kenie  Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Engineering    (318) 670-9431 kmoses@susla.edu 
Moss, Fred Assistant Professor of Journalism Humanities (318) 670-9382 fmoss@susla.edu
Muirhead, Tracy Police Officer 2-A University Police (318) 670-9346 tmurihead@susla.edu
Norris, Tanya Applications Programmer Analyst Information Technology Center (318) 670-9914 tstewart@susla.edu
O'Neal, Carolyn Special Assist. to Vice Chancellor  Acdemic Affairs & RESPIE (318) 670-9315 coneal@susla.edu
O'Riley, Jane Library Director Student Affairs (318) 970-9401 joriley@susla.edu
Owens, Carl Administrative Assistant 4 Humanities & Behavioral Science (318) 670-9466 cowens@susla.edu
Parker, Barbara Adjunct Instructor English   btparker@susla.edu
Parker, Tyquencia Enrollment Management Officer SUBR Certifying Official (625) 771-5710 tparker@susla.edu
Patterson, Lorie Accounts Payable Coordinator Finance & Administration (318) 670-9305 lpatterson@susla.edu
Pegues, Antonius Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration     apegues@susla.edu
Pender, Julie Foster Grandparent Coordinator      
Phillips, June Assistant Professor of English Humanities (318) 670-9363 jphillips@susla.edu
Pickens, Joslin Assistant Professor of Speech Humanities (318) 670-9310 jpickins@susla.edu
Preston, Rhonda Employment Counselor      
Prudhomme, Tonja Director TRIO Educational Talent Search Talent Search /TRIO  (318) 670-9658 tprudhomme@susla.edu
Pruitt, Monique Enrollment Specialist      
Reed, Tracie Assistant Professor of Physics/Physical Science Science & Technology (318) 670-9409 treed@susla.edu
Reynolds, Edward  Chief of Police  University Police (318) 670-9428 epreynolds@susla.edu
Rhines, Bobby Maintenance Repairer 1 Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9559 brhines@susla.edu
Rhodes, Annie Adjunct Instructor of Nursing Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9641 arhodes@susla.edu
Rhone, Johnetta Regional Coord. For Community Network SUBR AG Center (318) 670-9634 jrhone@susla.edu
Rhone, Rodney Custodian II Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377  
Rogers, Stephanie Chief Advancement Officer Chancellor (318) 670-9244 srogers@susla.edu
Rushing, Judy Administrator III Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 jmcintosh@susla.edu
Saldona, Trudy Adjunct Instructor of Dialysis Allied Health   tsaldona@susla.edu
Sanders, Gary Lab Technician Information Technology Center (318) 670-9907 gsanders@susla.edu
Scott, Catrenia Educational Specialist      
Scott, Melanie Coordinator of Practical Nursing & Nursing Assistant Programs Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9534 mscott@susla.edu
Scott, Ted Director of Williams Center for Undergraduate Achievement Williams Center for Undergraduate Achievement (318) 670-9357 tscott@susla.edu
Scott, Thaddeus Instructor of Criminal Justice      
Scott, Yolanda Senior Career and Personal Counselor      
Shyne, Contika Program Director Respiratory (318) 670-9618 cdavis@susla.edu
Siglar, Willie Success Coach Center for Student Success (318) 670-9281 wsiglar@susla.edu
Silvie, Robert Lead Programmer Information Technology Center (318) 670-9918 rsilvie@susla.edu
Skidmore, Quiana Human Resources Analyst C Human Resources (318) 670-9351 qskidmore@susla.edu
Smothers, Tiera Enrollment Specialist      
Sneed, Janice Associate V.C. of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development  Community Workforce  Development (318) 670-9470 jsneed@susla.edu
Spells, Everett Instructor of Aviation  Science of Aviation  (318) 670-9593 espells@susla.edu
Stevenson, Alana Rural Recruiter  
Swift, Shelia Director of Radiology/Professor Radiology (318) 670-9646 sswift@susla.edu
Tabor, Nathan  Paramedic Clinical Coordinator  Allied Health (318) 670-9566 ntabor@susla.edu
TehTeh, Elijah Network Manager Information Technology Center (318) 670-9929 etehteh@susla.edu
Tennell, Gwendolyn LMS Administrator-E- Learning E-Learning (318) 670-9419 gtennell@susla.edu
Thibeaux, Daphne Didactic Instructor/Clinical Coord. of Radiologic Technology Allied Health (318) 670-9649 dthibeaux@susla.edu
Thomas, Angela Employment Coordinator/Job Developer CWD (318) 670-9620 athomas@susla.edu
Thomas, Felecia Admissions Officer Recruitment & Admissions (318) 670-9210 fthomas@susla.edu
Thomas, Michael Director of Marketing and University Relations Chief Advancement Office (318) 670-9472 mthomas@susla.edu
Thomas, Victor  Recruiter/Support Advocate    (318) 670-9562  
Tisby, Johnita Employment Counselor Academic Affairs & CWD    
Tobin, Cytwelia Practical Nursing Instructor  Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9531 ctobin@susla.edu
Vance, Bonita Administrative Assistant 4 Science & Biology (318) 670-9414 bvance@susla.edu
Varner, Tiffany Director of Nursing Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9641 tewilliams@susla.edu
Vides, Shirley Professor of Chemistry Science (318) 670-9253 smire@susla.edu
Vinson, Terence  Department Chair Instructor of Education Academic Affairs (318) 670-9328 tvinson@susla.edu
Wade, Dellanee Graphic Services and Multimedia Coordinator Chief Advancement Office (318) 670-9359 dwade@susla.edu
Washington, Allison Intake Support-Part-time Admissions    
Warren, Patsy Ad. Instructor of Health Information Technology Allied Health (318) 670-9645 pwarren@susla.edu
Washington, Charles Horticultural Attendant Leader Maintenance & Facilities (318) 670-9377 cwashington@susla.edu
Webb, Regina Professor Business Studies Business Studies (318) 670-9394 rwebb@susla.edu
Wells, LaChandra Clinical Instructor/Coordinator Allied Health (318) 670-9645 lwells@susla.edu
Wesley, Patrick Interim Athletic Director Student Affairs and Enrollment Management    
White, Vanessa Adjunct/Tutor  Instructor  Mathematics and Science (318) 670-9477 vwhite@susla.edu
Whitley, Patrick Admissions Counselor Recruitment & Admissions  (318) 670-9213 pwhitley@susla.edu
Wiggins, Colton Director of Polysomnography      
Wiggins, LaShonda Tutorial Coordinator  Allied Health (318) 670-9627 lwiggins@susla.edu
Williams, AJ Career Services Coordinator Community Workforce Development (318) 670-9721 awilliams@susla.edu
Williams, Frank Executive Director, Institutional Advancement Foundation (318) 670-9681 fwilliams@susla.edu
Williams, Jeanette Adj. Instructor of Reading Humanities (318) 670-9248 jwilliams@susla.edu
Williams, Kevin Custodian II Facilities (318) 670-9377 kdwilliams@susla.edu
Williams, Newana Nursing Instructor   Nursing & Allied Health (318) 670-9609 nwilliams@susla.edu
Williams, Reata  Recruiter/Support Advocate - Sabine  Student Affairs & Enrollment Management    rwilliams@susla.edu
Williams, Rodney   Police Officer 2-A University Police    
Williams, Yvonne Interim Clinical Instructor Allied Health (318) 670-9647 ywilliams@susla.edu
Wilson, Dorothy  Part-time Instructor for Sterile Processing      
Wilson, Harolyn Instructor of Math Mathematics (318) 670-9439 hwilson@susla.edu
Winzer, Linzola Administrative Assistant 5 Chancellor's Office (318) 670-9312 lwinzler@susla.edu
Woodley, Dameoyn Assistant  Registrar Registrar's Office (318) 670-9343 dwoodley@susla.edu
Wright, Olden Instructor of Math Humanities  (318) 670-9233 owright@susla.edu
Yarbrough, Jacqueline Online Associate/E-learning Academic Affairs & CWD    

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