The Division of Research, Sponsored Programs, and Institutional Effectiveness (RSPIE) is the new functional division that is aimed to strategically position Southern University at Shreveport Louisiana (SUSLA) for greatness! 

In light of the increasing societal pressures that require colleges and universities to become more responsive to national economic needs and new governmental demands for increased performance, the division is designed to assist SUSLA in meeting those demands.

RSPIE is posturing itself to be the “changing face” and vanguard for improvement that will lead SUSLA in establishing a culture of evidence and accountability through its focus on data governance, assessment and continuous improvement, quality assurance and the procurement of external funding sources to support our mission.  As the KEYS to improvement, the three departments – Institutional Planning Research, Outcomes Assessment & Quality Management, and Sponsored Programs have strategically partnered to position SUSLA to rise from good to great. Divisional Information and updates are provided quarterly through the division’s newsletter, E-Spirit. 

We are purposed to support the role, scope, mission and core values of our great enterprise by leading the institution in evidence-based and data-driven decision and policy making that will assist in enhancing the quality of programs and services, ultimately increasing student access and success.  The division has adopted the following to accomplish this great and global task:


The fundamental mission of the Division of Research, Sponsored Programs and Institutional Effectiveness (RSPIE) is to strategically establish a culture of assessment and accountability by providing leadership in academic and administrative planning, assessment, research, compliance, and grant procurement support.  RSPIE assumes the responsibility of designing, developing and implementing research projects aimed at improving institutional effectiveness and strategic policy and decision making, transforming data into useful information accessible to university administrators, faculty, and students in support of the role, scope, mission, and core values of Southern University at Shreveport Louisiana.


It is the vision of the Division of Research, Sponsored Programs and Institutional Effectiveness (RSPIE) to be the “changing face” of Southern University at Shreveport Louisiana, leading and maintaining the institution as the premier community college of excellence, integrity, accountability and service.


“Esprit De Corps – Inspiring enthusiasm, devotion and strong regard for the honor of RSPIE and SUSLA with a common spirit of excellence.”

Core Values

Truth ~ Loyalty ~ Sharing of information ~ Elevation of the Mind

Divisional Objectives

The primary objective of the division is to provide pertinent information that can be used by the university, extending to the local community, region, and state.  Specific duties include: 

  • Design, develop, and implement statistical research methodologies in the collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of institutional data to support strategic planning, assessment, decision making, and policy building at the institution;
  • Work cooperatively with faculty (instructional units) with the implementation and application of assessment projects pertaining to the student learning outcomes and objectives of academic programs and courses for program development and improvement;
  • Work cooperatively with administrative and non-instructional units with the implementation and application of assessment projects pertaining to operational goals and objectives;
  • Conduct research in support of strategic planning by utilizing qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, using the results to improve the quality of education and services at the institution;
  • Serve as a resource center of support to university departments for individual research, assessment, and grant procurement efforts;
  • House a central repository of university information that is easily accessible to interested parties on and off campus;
  • Provide leadership in assuring accountability requirements (i.e. accreditation, pre- and post-grant awards);
  • Actively participate in the program review, accreditation, and strategic planning processes;
  • Explore new opportunities for research that will contribute to institutional improvement and evaluation;
  • Provide the leadership in assuring that the institution meet state and federal reporting requirements, serving as the institution’s clearinghouse;
  • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of university data and reports
  • Design, administer and analyze internal survey projects;
  • Assist in the generation of data needed for grant applications; and
  • Serve as the Center of Excellence by education the campus community on the value and use of research, assessment and planning.

The Office for the Division of Research, Sponsored Programs & Institutional Effectiveness is located in the Fine Arts Building, C-01.

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