Property Control

The Safety Program Coordinator at Southern University at Shreveport provides operational services for the University through the Office of Property Control.

This department interacts with other state agencies to ensure that mandated guidelines be met.

The Safety Program consists of various units:

  • Assist in making possible quality transportation for employees conducting University business
  • Assist the University in its task to provide keys to buildings, offices, and laboratories for the purpose of securing all contents
  • Provide a safe environment for employees, students, and community members by assisting the University in its mission to ensure safety and to minimize accidents and claims filed with the State.
  • Provide ongoing and annual evaluations of the University Safety Program
  • Provide and distribute equipment based on departmental needs
    Interact with the State Office of Risk Management by filing claims for accidents, missing equipment, and damages to buildings and/or contents
    Assist the University in its efforts to facilitate stability by accounting for funds spent for acquisitions

Fleet Management

Due to the high cost of insurance from private companies, the State of Louisiana through the Office of Risk Management developed a self-insurance program for its motor vehicles in 1980. Driver safety is designed to reduce the number and severity of accidents and thereby minimize the financial impact on state government.

Southern University at Shreveport's intention is to be in compliance with the State where vehicle safety is concerned.

The Department of Fleet Management provides the University with quality transportation for conducting business either locally or out-of-town by doing the following:

  • Submit to the Motor Vehicle Department Driving History Form on all employees requesting the use of a university-owned vehicle. The Fleet Manager must inspect these forms and Department Head before a vehicle is released. If the driver's record is adequate, a vehicle will be released upon the approval of the Department Head and Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs. Forms must be kept on file for auditing purposes (Form DA2054-Authorization and Driving History Form)
  • Assist with the conducting of a Safe Drivers Course. The course will be conducted by an employee who has been trained by State officials and bears a certified State certificate as an instructor.

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