Policy and Procedure Development Review

Southern University at Shreveport (SUSLA) Policies and Procedures are officially sanctioned rules and processes for the College. Policies and procedures are used to empower employees with the direction and consistency they need for successful process improvement. A policy must be reviewed and discussed through the appropriate development or review processes before receiving final approval by the Chancellor. This document explains the development and key points for Policies and Procedures, and provides a template for policy creation and review.

Policies and procedures list

Process: The Office of the Chancellor manages the development, amendment, repeal and approval of all SUSLA Policies and Procedures. Any individual or constituency group with an interest in contributing ideas/thoughts may submit a policy or procedure proposal. The Chancellor may also convene task forces or seek consultation from any department to develop a proposed policy or procedure change. Before the adoption of any change in College policy or procedure other than a technical change, the policy draft may be discussed with appropriate divisions/departments/or student groups prior to the change (this does not include forms). Timelines for policy and procedure development and review are as follows:

Policy and procedure development timelines should be completed thoroughly and as expeditiously as possible. Authors of the policy should ensure the above key points are followed for creation and review. If the policy is developed or changed for System, state, federal, accrediting agency, or other governing body compliance, the process must be completed prior to the required date of change. This includes review and signature of the Chancellor.

Procedure development or change must be in accordance with policy development or change. They must also be developed and submitted along with the corresponding policy. If the procedure change is made to further clarify a policy or required by System, state, federal, accrediting agency, or other governing body compliance, the process must be completed prior to the required date of change. This includes review and signature of the Chancellor.

Publication: The Office of the Chancellor shall maintain policies and procedures in hard copy format and publish policies on the College’s website. Policies shall also be made available to the public upon request.

Format: College policies and procedures must be written in accordance with style and font standards, and must include date of origin, effective date, review date, and revision date (if applicable). The templates must be completed in Calibri style 12 font.

Templates are attached.

Other Considerations:
Use gender-neutral language – use “their” instead of “he/she.”
Use short sentences and short paragraphs.
Use common words (i.e. “use” instead of “utilizes.”)
Use active, rather than passive language.
Use “must” or “will” if action is mandatory,” and use “may” if action is permissive, and avoid the word “shall” unless there is a legislative requirement that prescribes its use. (This word causes confusion between whether an action is mandatory or recommended.
Use department names, rather than position titles (if possible).
Use links to generic web pages rather than specific web pages (if possible). For example, refer to “Student Administration Forms” rather than the specific URL for the form. 
Avoid the use of acronyms. If acronyms are necessary, use the full title/term first before using the acronym.
Avoid the use of jargon, unnecessary technical expressions and fancy vocabulary.

Periodic Review: Policies are only as effective as the relevance and accuracy of their information. To ensure policies stay current and relevant, all policies will be reviewed on a cycle of a minimum of every two years unless deemed otherwise by Chancellor or responsible division. Key questions to be asked during the review are listed below:

  • Is the policy still relevant, accurate, and legal?
  • Have certain technologies and processes changed since the policy was created?
  • Does the policy correctly convey the mission, vision, and goals of the College?

Upon review, summary documentation will be submitted to the Office of the Chancellor.

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