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SUSLA Dining Meal Plans are SEMESTER-based and designed to offer students convenience, variety and affordability.

We offer several Meal Plans with various combinations of Meals and Declining Balances options that can best suit your needs on campus. Meal Plans are for anyone and can be shared with family and friends. The Commuter Meal Plan is great for upper-class students or commuters and gives you the convenience of dining on campus with no shopping, cooking or cleaning.

SUSLA residences are required to select a Dining Plan. Commuter students, Faculty and staff may select a Dining Plan or declining balance plan before or after classes start in the Fall of 2012.
Campus dining is provided by Moliere Enterprises LLC, Moliere Enterprise operates the jaguar Market Place at the Student activity center. All dining plans are block plans that provide a set number of entries into the cafeteria and are not limited to a daily or weekly limit.

Hours: Jaguar Market Place will feature extended hours Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

Format: Students will be able to enjoy dining Featuring American entrees, ethnically-inspired foods, vegetarian selections, fresh salads and saut vegetables, grilled selections and deli sandwiches. An allergy free feature is also available for students with special dietary needs. Also at the Student Center Jaguar Java featuring smoothies, frozen coffee, Ice cream and hot beverages.

Meal Plans are semester-based. Unused Meals will be lost after the last class day of the semester. Declining balance will roll over from Fall to Spring to Summer.

Plan 1---$1295.00 Includes 240 cafeteria entries per Fall semester into Jaguar Market Place with 100.00 Declining Balance for use in the Student Center Jaguar Java or extra meals at On the Grill. Any student may select this plan.

Plan 2---$1175.00 Includes 215 cafeteria entries per Fall Semester into Jaguar market Place. Any student may select this plan.

Declining Balance Accounts: Additional amounts may be added to the basic plan or may be purchased separately for students without a dining plan.Minimum Purchase $50.00. Declining Balances may be carried forward from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester. 
(Meal Plans) Meals or entries into the cafeteria may not be carried forward.


Selecting a Dining Plan

  • First: Determine the minimum plan required based on student status and dorm assignment. Then decide on the number of times you want to enter the restaurant per term.
  • Second: Decide on the amount of Declining Balance you will use during the semester. Additional amounts may be purchased later in the Business Off
  • Third: Go to the Food Service office, select your dining plan choice and any additional Declining Balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Declining Balance?
Money that is recorded under your ID number in Moliere Enterprise computer that can be spent in the Student Center Jaguar Market Place, On the Grill, Jaguar Java or for extra meals in the restaurant. 

How do I use Declining Balance?
When you buy a drink, sandwich, taco, yogurt, etc., you will use your ID like a pre-paid credit card. The amount of your purchase will be subtracted from your balance. 

How do I keep up with the amount of Declining Balance that I have left?
Moliere Enterprise Business Office or the Cashier in the food service areas can tell you the amount in your account. Please present your ID when requesting balances. 

What is meant by block plans?
Each dining plan provides a set number of times that you may enter the cafeteria. It is up to the student how often and what services they use once they enter the restaurant. Students may share entries with family members or other Students with a valid SUSLA ID. Entries expire at the end of each term. Entries are limited only by the number purchased. 

Are the meals different on the various plans?
No. The number of meals or entries available for the term is determined by the plan selected. 

May I change dining plans?
Yes. Please notify the Business Office by visiting the food service office. You will also select a dining plan for the spring term and may make a different selection at that time. What if I run out of entries? Students on the lower plans may purchase a higher plan with full number of entries and DCB. Students on larger plans may wish to add DCB for purchase of extra entries at Jaguar market Place in the Student Center. 

May I purchase additional Declining Balance?
Yes. Select additional Declining Balance before January 20, 2011 or come to the Business Office at any time to add varying amounts of Declining Balance. Amounts can be added in any increment. You may pay for the additional amount or add to your Business Office Account. 

What if I am sick?
Sick trays are available with a request form.

What if I have food allergies or a medical condition?
Special diets may be provided when a doctor's prescription is given to the cafeteria manager. 

What if I work or attend a school related function?
Box meals are provided for students that miss meals because of work or school related functions. Students may sign up for a week at a time and a rotating menu is provided. Since the restaurant provides continuous service, work can normally be scheduled so that meals are not missed. Carry-out boxes are provided for students whose schedule makes it difficult to eat a particular meal in the restaurant. 

May I pay cash in the restaurant or Food Court?
Yes. You will be charged sales tax if you pay cash rather than using your declining balance account. 

What if I do not use all of my Declining Balance?
It will be carried forward from semester to semester and will need to be spent by the last day of the Spring Semester. You may purchase additional Declining Balance in any amount in the Business Office. 

What if I do not use all of my meals?
You are actually purchasing the ability to enter the cafeteria a number of times. There is no refund for left over entries on meal plans and all entries expire at the end of the term. 

What if I move out of the residence halls or drop school?
Cost of meals will be due for any billing week started with a prorated refund. Declining Balance amounts that are part of the meal plan will be refunded on a prorated basis. 

How do I pay for my residence hall rent and dining plan?
The charges are added to your Business Office account and are due as billed. Information or Questions: Email foodservice@susla.edu or Phone 1.318.670.6204.

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