Student Bills

Electronic E-Bill

Southern University at Shreveport will E-Bill (electronically bill) you each month for semester courses. All students, will receive an email notification of a bill for tuition, fees, and housing.

E-Bills will be forwarded to the student’s personal email address and/or skymail email address. Please update your personal account information to include a personal email address. 

The E-Bill will show the balance owed to the university. Any anticipated financial aid that is cancelled due to ineligibility, the student is responsible for payment of the full balance due.

E-Bills will be generated each semester (summer, fall, and spring). These bills are payable by the due date listed on the bill.

Billing Errors: 

Please note an administrative, clerical or technical billing errors do not absolve any student of their financial responsibility to pay the correct amount of tuition, fees and other associated financial obligations assessed as a result of their registration at Southern University at Shreveport.

E-Bill FAQ’s

What is an electronic bill (E-Bill)? 

An electronic bill is a paperless bill which is emailed to you. You can also pay your bills on line by credit card or web check.

Why are paper bills being replaced?

The University has decided to implement E-Bills in order to enhance customer service. It provides both students and parents a fast and efficient way to view balances on their account. 

Do I have to be on E-Billing?

The University has designated E-Billing for all enrolled students at Southern University at Shreveport. 

How do I print a paper copy of my bill?

You may print a copy of your bill from your personal computer and printer or utilize the computer lab. For an itemized bill, log into your student Banner account and review account summary by detail. 

If I make a payment, can I view the payment on my account?

Yes. Your account will be updated with your payment immediately. Log into your banner account and view your student account summary. A new bill will be sent the following month. 

What if I am no longer enrolled, how will I receive my student bill?

E-bills will be sent to student’s personal email address on listed on their Student Banner Account. 

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