IT Network & Wireless Services

The SUSLA network is a complex set of hardware (servers, routers, switches, etc.) and software used to connect computer users and various University technology resources together and facilitate knowledge and information exchange between the faculty, staff, and students.

SUSLA VPN provides employees highly secured remote access and site-to-site connections to data, voice, video, and application systems. Emulating the main office desktop experience, the Remote Access VPN enables faculty and staff to work virtually from anywhere and access campus resources (file share, printers, VoIP phones, Banner, etc.) as if they were in the office.

How do I access the network?

Accessing the network is easier than you think! If you have a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, you must complete a few pre-requisites to configure your laptop to access the SUSLA wireless network. More information on this can be obtained here.

How do I change my password

Open your web browser and navigate to the Password Help page for instructions on managing and changing your password.

SUSLA Wireless Networks
  • To connect to the wireless network, select one of the available wireless networks below.
  • SUSLA-STUDENTS or SU-mNET is the wireless network for Southern University at Shreveport students.
  • SUSLA-FACULTY & STAFF is the wireless network for Southern University at Shreveport administration, faculty & staff.
  • SUSLA-CAMPUS GUEST is the wireless network for SUSLA campus guest and visitor.
  • A Splash login page on your device should appear. You will use your Southern University at Shreveport Campus username and password to continue.
  • Type in your SUSLA username and password (Same as Computer login or Email Address)

Example: jdoe1234

Register Wireless Devices for Resident Students
  • To connect gaming consoles, smart televisions and streaming devices to the wireless network, SUSLA-Courtyard is the wireless network for resident students devices. Computers, laptops and mobile phones are NOT allowed.
Guest and Visitor Wireless Access
  • For campus guest or visitors’ wireless access, a request will need to be submitted. To request for Guest Access, Click here
Prohibited Devices
  • Personal routers, hotspots and wireless-enabled printers are prohibited on the Southern University campus network. These rogue networks can interfere with the wireless network. Printers are also not allowed to be operated on the wireless network.

If you are having difficulty connecting to the wireless network review the instructions and if you need further help contact the Division of Information Technology Help Desk at 318-670-9900

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