Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create

We are excited for our Dual Enrollment students! On Thursday July 29th, the staff of the Apple Coding Center on SUSLA’s campus celebrated the accomplishments of the Dual Enrollment students who participated in Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create this summer. The celebration was an onsite event in the Jackson Auditorium coupled with a virtual presentation and a reveal of the student projects.

Students in the camp divided into groups to develop their own apps. They used principles of coding to create their apps, but also incorporated marketing techniques to come up with their ideas. Flaming Hub was an app that was designed to allow you to pay for fast food with cash instead of electronically. The Mobile Closet app was created to let you try on clothes with an avatar before making a purchase. Where’s my food was developed to locate items you want to buy from the grocery store without having to drive around to find them.

Each student also received gifts from Apple for participating in the Camp.

See the video clap in here - https://youtu.be/idb2EZrhYVo

Here are the links to the individual videos for our groups as well as the trailer.



Flaming Hub:


Mobile Closet:


Where’s My Food:




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