IT Network & E-Mail Guidelines

Faculty/Staff Network & E-Mail Guidelines

  1. Use strong passwords and change them regularly.
  2. Never share any of your passwords with anyone. 
  3. Do NOT write down your password, others could find it and compromise your user account. 
  4. Try not to use personal e-mail accounts for Web pages or other general feedback needs, such as for a department or organization because personal accounts are inactivated when the person's employment terminates. (A personal account could be used for collecting data from a Web form that has a limited life.) 
  5. Another reason not to use personal accounts for these general feedback needs is, if an individual transfers to a new SUSLA department, their personal e-mail account follows them to their new department. If you were using their personal account for departmental or Web feedback, they will not want to monitor that feedback from their new department. 
  6. Only the owner of an account may contact the ITC for assistance in resetting their password when they forget it. 
  7. If an employee who is departing the University was receiving business e-mail, the manager may ask the departing employee to place an "Out of Office" message on their e-mail account stating that they no longer work for the University and all business e-mail should be resent to another employee within that department. That way, no one has to log into the departing employee's e-mail account for any reason. 
  8. Any time you have any need for network additions, changes or deletions, please complete a Service Request Form.

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