University Police Protocols

The entire SUSLA community (Students, Faculty, Staff and Guests) our “Jaguar Nation” should be aware of the following



The possession, sale, use or the supplying of alcohol on the University Campus is not allowed. SUSLA has been designated “Drug free.” It is unlawful for any person under 21 years of age to purchase or have public possession of any alcoholic beverage (LA-R.S. 93.12).


Southern University does not permit the unauthorized possession of; display of; or attempt to use or threaten to use firearms, ammunition, fireworks, or any other dangerous weapons on campus or at any University-sponsored activity.


SUSLA, is a designated “Drug free” where the possession, sale, use, manufacture or distribution of any controlled substance is illegal under both state and federal laws.

Hazardous Materials:

  1. Call the University Police at (318) 670-9349
  2. Give your name, location and name of the hazardous material if available.
  3. Attempt to isolate the material by keeping everyone out of the room that contains the material.

Fire Emergency:

SUSLA, Police Department maintains a Fire Log that records all fires that occur in Campus Housing Facilities and other locations is available for public inspection at UPD. The Fire Log includes the date, time, nature, case number, and general location of each fire.

Medical Emergencies:

If an individual is physically injured or suffers an accident on SUSLA campus, do as follows:

  1. University students, faculty or staff should immediately determine the type of injury, if possible, their identity and association with the university.
  2. Contact UPD at: Office- (318) 670-9349 / Main Campus Cell- (318) 573-6709

Metro Campus Cell- (318) 609-0040 or 911 to report the incident.


UPD will call for medical aid from the Shreveport Fire EMS. They, upon arrival will treat the injured party at the scene and transport if necessary. If the patient does not require additional treatment or refuses medical aid, Fire EMS Personnel will have them sign a refusal of treatment on site.

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