Program Applications are available once per year in January. Due date March 31st.
(Additional information is on the program application)

A personal interview with the Dental Hygiene Selection Committee is required. All applicants who meet the required standards will be scheduled for an interview by the selection committee.

Entrance Exam
Students are required to take an entrance exam for the dental hygiene program. The (TEAS Test) for Essentials Academic Skills is a standardized exam.  A score of 70% is the minimum score required. The TEAS test is administered once per semester at SUSLA. The TEAS test can be taken more than once if needed, and the highest score will be calculated.  The SUSLA TEAS Test will be administered in the Fall semester (October) and in the Spring Semester (March).

(If taking the test other than at SUSLA, arrangements must be made with the ATI testing agency ( The TEAS test must be monitored at a testing site, we will not accept online Test Scores.

ATI will supply information on the accepted testing centers.  A study guide can be purchased from ATI testing or can be ordered at a bookstore.

For an application contact the Dental Hygiene Office by calling 318.670.9561.

Criteria for Acceptance
Acceptance to the Dental Hygiene Program is based on the following criteria:

Science GPA              Interview Score                     

Overall GPA               Teas Test Score

Note: Twelve students with the highest scores will be accepted into the Dental Hygiene program.

Application Steps
* Students must complete all prerequisites or be enrolled in the final prerequisite courses by the Spring semester of the year applying to the program.

  1. January - Obtain an application to the dental hygiene program from the dental hygiene department (Applications are due back to the department by March 31).   To obtain an application please contact the Dental Hygiene Program. Phone number: (318) 670-9561 or email a request to Jessica Hawkins (
  2. March -Take the TEAS test
  3. May -   Final Grades submitted to the Registrar’s office
  4. May -   Interviews for applicants
  5. May -   Acceptance and Rejection letters distributed
  6. August-Fall Semester begins

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