The Department of Engineering & Technology Strategic Plan



In order to realize the vision, the Department of Engineering and Technology commits to the following mission:
The Mission of the Department of Engineering & Technology is to prepare students to compete globally in their fields of study and to achieve excellence in undergraduate education, research and public service.


Based on its mission, future endeavors, and capabilities, the Department Engineering & Technology proposes the following vision:
The Department Engineering & Technology Program of Southern University at Shreveport is dedicated to assess quality education and advancement of best practices through fostering a learning environment conducive to the enhancement of technical competency skills, critical-thinking skills, problem- solving abilities, and interpersonal skills for all students in an effort to assure success with entry- level competencies for the profession and the public. Program faculty will aspire to instill a commitment to “lifelong learning” and “ethical values” in students throughout their educational experience and as future practitioners serving, contributing, and applying their newfound knowledge as competent and skilled professionals in a global technological industry.


Consistent with the mission of Southern University at Shreveport (SUSLA) , the Southern University Department of Engineering & Technology is committed to providing excellence in education and high-quality standards in public service to meet the needs of society. In meeting these two specific priorities and performing the duties required of all faculty, we believe that our department holds the same specific cores values that are embodied in SUSLA’s Core Values. These Core Values are:


We engage in every endeavor guided by standards of quality and excellence. We ensure, through the various forms of presentation and/or service delivery, that our efforts are of the highest quality.


We ensure a viable institution by fostering a culture of trust, respect and dignity. We uphold the highest standards of academic and professional ethics and provide opportunities for the campus community to be informed and engaged in the governance of the University.


We hold ourselves accountable to fulfilling the mission of the institution. We practice professionalism, assume responsibility for our conduct and embrace accountability as an expectation of servicing students


We engage in actions that demonstrate a total commitment to delivering services to all our constituents. While students are our first priority, we recognize that our customers also include ourselves, parents, other higher education institutions, our community, business and industry.


We affirm that diversity is crucial to a society, as it enriches that educational experience and celebrates differences among individuals. Southern University at Shreveport embraces and understands the
the importance of providing an education
and an environment that promotes the uniqueness of students, faculty, staff, and the community that we serve.


Goal 1:

Cultivate a Culture of Academic Excellence and Technology-focused Learning.

Objective 1A

Enhance and expand utilization of existing engineering and technology facilities.

Objective 1B

Maintain and expand high-quality and competitive instructional delivery systems.

Goal 2:

Ensure Quality Academics and Persist in Scholarship and Research.

Objective 2A

Curricular enhancement of undergraduate academic programs.

Objective 2B

Provide equity in access to all under-represented populations.

Objective 2C

Provide high-demand programs and national recognition of program outcomes.

Objective 3C

Provide research, scholarly activities and student support from scholarships, internships


Provide an Outstanding Campus Climate and Co-Curricular Experience

Objective 3A

Provide an unexpected and exciting campus life that encourages all students to participate in the Southern University experience.

Objective 3B

Motivate students to take part in and engage in campus life and co-curricular activities on and off-campus


Increase Community Engagement Through Outreach, Recruitment and Innovation

Objective 4A

Increase student recruitment, entry and retention.

Objective 4B

Enhance student outreach, mentoring effectiveness and marketing campaign.

Objective 4C

Recruit and retain faculty having experiences in teaching, research, and practice.

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