TRiO ETS & Upward Bound Application

Students who have never attended and Prents: A user name and password are required to complete the TRiO Educational Talent Search & Upward Bound application.  Please click here to create your New Account.  Once you have created your account, click the Application button below to log into the application.

Tips & Updates

Uploading required documentation

If you are required to submit documentation with your form, you will be able to upload your document when you complete your form. Remember to include your student ID number on anything you submit.

Electronic signature

This form will be automatically submitted to the respective SUS campus units when you electronically sign the form after completion. If you choose not to electronically sign the form, you must print and send the form to the designated SUS campus office for processing.

Parent information and signatures

If your form requires parental information or signatures, you will be asked to supply a parent email address before you can access the form. Your parent will be sent a link to complete the parent section of the form. The parent will need to create a user ID and password. After the parent electronically signs the form it will be sent electronically to the respective SUS campus for processing.

Parent log-in and password

You need to set up a log-in and password the first time you access Dynamic Forms. Remember your log-in and password because you will be able to use this log-in to access other forms that are located in this secure web environment.

The first time you log in, you will be required to make a number of profile changes:

  • Username – the user must select a username:
    • At least eight characters in length
    • Must begin with a letter
    • Must contain at least one digit
  • Password – the user must select a new password:
    • Lower case letters
    • Upper case letters
    • Numbers
    • Alphanumeric characters or symbols
    • Must be at least eight characters in length
    • Cannot contain the username
    • Must contain characters from three of the four following groups:
  • Security question & answer – the user must choose a security question and provide an answer to that question.

Opting out of electronic signature

You always have to option to opt out of electronic signature. You can print the form, complete it, sign and submit it along with any required documentation to the designated SUS campus office. All of our forms are also available on website.


Dynamic Forms are now mobile friendly by default with a new responsive design including an updated recaptcha validator.
When creating longer forms - The form timer resets with each new page of your form. By breaking your form up over multiple pages you can extend the time limit to fill out each form by 45 min. with each new page.

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