RSPIE Instructional Program Evaluation

The IE planning process takes place from January to April of each fiscal year. This process provides an opportunity for budget units to present outcomes and goals linked to the mission and goals of SUSLA and guided by best practices learned from assessment results from the previous year's report. The process is completed on October 15th of each fiscal year with documentation of performance achieved. IE planning and reporting forms are designed to ensure reporting consistency in critical mission attainment, provide an interface with collateral strategic initiatives, and establish a framework for performance measurement.

For instructional units, additional categories were added for identification and assessment of institutional learning outcomes and academic program competencies. SUSLA’s current IE reporting timeframes are collateral to the state Fiscal Year (FY) budget preparation processes. All instructional units at SUSLA have identified student learning outcomes which are assessed annually for improvement in academic service delivery.

SUSLA applies an assessment continuum methodology to academic program evaluation, utilizing various tools to provide data, including, but not limited to, internal and external reviews, program accreditation, and certification of students. Such tools include outcomes assessment reports, institutional effectiveness plans, program reviews, as well as program accreditation and national board exams of students in applicable high workforce development academic programs. Instructional program assessments are conducted according to specific schedules unique to each program and as required by external agencies. When considered together, this approach ensures an effective evaluation of educational programs.


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