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Southern University at Shreveport LA (SUSLA) is committed to supporting students and helping them when possible, to positively resolve issues, complaints and concerns that might impact their educational goals. The Student Complaint Policy provides students the opportunity to express their views on college-related conditions which impede their education and to seek relief from those conditions.

Students are recommended to contact the following offices directly for certain matters as noted below: 

Office of Human Resources
  • Complaints or grievances arising from, or made in connection with, a student’s employment by the University in any capacity, should be directed to the Office of Human Resources. Copies of the necessary forms may be obtained from the Office of Human Resource Services.
Office of Academic Affairs
  • A grade appeal; except that unethical, illegal, or improper conduct of a faculty member may be the subject of a student complaint, even if it occurs in the context of a grade decision or appeal. Grade appeals must be directed as set forth by the procedures of the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Curriculum matters and related appeals must be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Matters concerning graduation requirements are governed by the Office of Academic Affairs and such complaints must be directed to that office.
Office of the Registrar
  • Registration complaints and appeals must be directed to the Office of the Registrar.
Offices of Title IX Compliance and Ethics and Disability Support Services
  • A sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or sex discrimination complaint, or any complaint concerning discrimination. Such complaints are governed under separate policies. Click on Title IX Compliance and Ethics under Offices and Services.
  • Similarly, if your concerns are about academic accommodations for students with disabilities, you must discuss them with the Office of Disability Support Services located on the SUSLA website under Offices and Services at Title Il 504 Compliance.
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
  • Financial issues such as tuition and fee assessment, or departments’ fees, may be directed to the Office of the Bursar or the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.


Procedures for Filing a Complaint

-All student complaints must be submitted in writing (paper or electronic).  A complaint reported by telephone will not be considered as submitted for review.

-The complaint procedure consists of 5 steps.  Students who wish to file a complaint should follow these steps:

Level 1 Informal Complaint Process (Steps 1 & 2):

Step 1:  First Address the Matter Informally (one-on-one)

-The purpose of the informal process is to try to amicably resolve the problem informally as soon as possible. 

-Before filing a formal complaint, the University encourages students to discuss their concerns with the appropriate instructor or an administrator, one-on-one, who has the authority to address the problem.

-The student has 15 days from the date of the incident that caused his/her concerns to file their formal complaint. 

The University recommends that students use the Student Complaint Resolution Chart to identify the appropriate person to address their concern initially.  

-Remember, when attempting to resolve a concern or conflict informally, it is important to address the concern, not attack the person or persons involved. 

-Discussions should include concerns and clarify what needs to happen to resolve the matter.  Most concerns and problems can be resolved during the informal process, so start here first. 

Step 2:  Speak with Next Level of Supervisory Authority (usually the Department Chair or Office Director)

--If the complaint is not resolved with the initial attempt the student may request to meet with the supervisor of the administrator with whom they initially met to seek resolution.   Remember to check the Student Complaint Resolution Chart to identify this person.

-If the complaint is not resolved by working with the Supervisor, or if the conference is not granted to the student in time to avoid expiration of the 15 days to file the formal complaint, the student may file a formal written complaint before expiration.

Level 2 Formal Complaint Process (Steps 3,4 & 5):

Step 3: File a Formal Complaint Online

-Official complaints can be filed after clicking on the “Submit A Complaint” button below.  An investigation into the complaint will be processed by the designated staff member responsible for taking appropriate action to either resolve the concern or route it to the appropriate person.

-If the student did not receive the relief requested at Step 3 or if the time for a response has expired, the student may request a conference with the next level of authority (the Executive Official). This official has 10 days to render a response to the student.

-If the student concern is not resolved by the appropriate official, the student may then file an appeal to the Chancellor or his/her designee to appeal the decision rendered in Step 3. 

Step 4: File an Appeal Online

-The appeal notice must be filed in writing on the form provided on the SUSLA website under "Current Students" “File an Appeal” within 10 days of the Step 3 written response or if no response was received, within 10 days of the Step 3 response deadline.

-If the Chancellor or his/her designee determines that the outcome is appropriate, the Chancellor or his/her designee may dismiss the appeal.

-Alternately, he/she will render a decision to hold an appeal hearing in consultation with persons chosen to participate.

-The Chancellor or his/her designee shall inform the student of the date, time and place of the appeal hearing at which the final resolution will be rendered.

-The appeal shall be limited to issues and documents considered at Step 3, except that if at Step 4 the hearing administration intends to rely on evidence not included in the Step 3 record, the administration shall provide the student notice of the nature of the evidence at least three days before the hearing.

-Once a complaint has been fully vetted and all steps have been followed and a resolution to the complaint has been issued (by the University), an individual can move beyond the University, if displeased with the result.

Step 5: External Complaints Following an Appeals Hearing

-This step is used only if the student is dissatisfied with the outcome of an Appeals Hearing (Step 4 above) and have exhausted the complete complaint process at SUSLA. The student may report the complaint to the proper external agency that governs the University.


For further information on external sources and other information please review the entire Student Complaint Policy on our website


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