Surgical Technology

Degree Type: Associate Degree

Surgical technologists work as members of a surgery team alongside physicians, surgeons, registered nurses, and other healthcare workers. Before surgery, surgical technologists work with the registered nurse to set up the operating room suite with surgical instruments and equipment according to the surgeon’s preference card. They ensure that the equipment is working properly and that temperatures are set correctly. Surgical technologists may assist in bringing patients to the operating room and getting them ready for surgery by assisting with positioning them on the table, covering them with sterile drapes, and cleaning and disinfecting incision sites. They also scrub their arms, put on sterile gowns and gloves and gown and glove surgeons and surgical assistants.

During an operation, surgical technologists pass the sterile instruments and supplies to surgeons and first assistants. They handle medications used in the surgical field. They might hold retractors, hold internal organs in place during the procedure, or set up robotic surgical equipment. Surgical Technologists also may handle specimens taken for laboratory analysis. They monitor counts of all instruments, dressings, needles, blades, and other items to ensure that they are not retained in body cavities.

After the operation is complete, surgical technologists may apply dressings to the incision site. They may also transfer patients to recovery rooms and restock operating rooms after a procedure.

 Please see your advisor or University Catalog for more information.

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