Program Philosophy


The PSGT Program philosophy can be summed up in one phrase, we are FOR others! This phrase is interwoven into every aspect of this program. The meaning behind this phrase is to bring comfort and assurance to our students in knowing that we are here to support them in their academic journey. No one student is the same, we all come from different backgrounds with different experiences, knowledge, beliefs, perspectives, trials, and goals. Being FOR others is more than just a catchy phrase! So as a program within the Division of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing which is focused on helping people through medical intervention, we strive to go above and beyond to ensure that our students succeed in obtaining their academic goals. Every personnel within the PSGT Program will do whatever they can, within reason, to assist our students in mastering the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of an entry-level Polysomnographic Technologist.   


To prepare competent entry-level polysomnographic technologist in the cognitive (Knowledge), Psychomotor (Skills), and affective (Behavior) learning domains. 

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